Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gambatte readers!

I received an email from a reader:

Hi XiaXue,

Just wanted to send you an encouragement mail. Jia you! The last I checked, Mr. Brown is leading you by about 3931 votes. Don't despair. I'll be voting for you daily.

A few things you may want to take note:

1. Mr. Brown's post indicates that you are leading.
2. You have also stated in your own post that you were leading.
3. Due to Kevin's post in and pie chart , people may think that you've huge lead over Mr. Brown.

Based on the above 3 points, your fans and readers may think that it is not necessary to continuously vote for you as they wrongly think that your other fans will vote. If everyone thinks so, you will be getting less votes than you would be getting. Conversely, fans of Mr. Brown may think that he is way behind you and will therefore vote more aggressively. This may explain the sudden huge lead that Mr. Brown has gained over you.

Your sentence in your latest entry, "It is NOT MY FAULT that I have a younger bunch of readers, and that these readers will naturally vote more than Mrbrown's will; because they (mb's readers) are maturer and possibly less enthusiastic about such issues." is no longer valid. Mr. Brown's fan and readers will vote aggressively for him! Also, as Mr. Brown has been writing for the papers "Today" regularly, it is likely that he has been getting increased fan base. He may have become the juggernaut of blogging.

Do not despair as there is still time to pull votes. But you need to work for the votes.

From now till 15 December, you'll need to post an entry daily. You need to get your fan's and reader's attention on a daily basis. Remind them to vote for you daily. That's why you'll need to blog daily till 15 December.

I admire you for your truthfulness and daring to speak your mind. For some twist of fate, you've now become the underdog. Don't give up. There is still time to pull votes! By the way, by virtue of your gender, even if Mr. Brown wins, you'll still be the reignning blog Queen/Princess! ;-)

I'll be voting for you.

Best regards,

I read this as I was about to generally give up on life, and wallow in self-pity, while thinking of ways to glare at mrbrown the next time I see him.

But after a few email exchanges with X, which is of course not his real identity, I decided that I must not give up!

That's not Xiaxue spirit, is it? =)

Besides, mb himself and Kenny Sia both spoke to me.

mb gave me lots of encouragement.

Kenny was laughing at my distress, telling me that I was taking this far too seriously. I told him that I needed to see that more people love me than hate me. This is my motivation for blogging on.

That being said, you have to continue voting. What, 4,000? 4,000 is nothing for 20,000 readers, is it?

Me, I'll go blog now. At least for these days till the 15th, it will be for you. =)


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