Merry Merry Christmas!

Wah, it's raining cats and dogs on Christmas eve! I just woke up, called Shuyin, and she was like, "WAH LAU, DID YOU SEE THE RAIN!?".

Due to my staying in the armpit of Singapore, I haven't, as armpits are usually later in receiving news.

As I was checking out the clear skies, Shuyin exclaimed in a high-pitched voice that she cannot see the block opposite hers.

Now I cannot see behind the reservior line too!!!!!!111

So annoying, the damn rain!

Any other day I would have been happy to continue sleeping, but today is Christmas eve, and I need to go out!!! Or I will be loserish!

Speaking of loserish, yesteryear I was telling you guys about Molly going to a party and Clinton going to church and me having nothing to do right?

Well, I didn't even remember the date to know that today is Christmas eve this year.

Yesterday Kelvin, Russ and SY hopped over to my place, where we played very awkward mahjong in my mom's room coz it's the only place in my house that has air-conditioning... It was awkward coz there wasn't space for the table seats and Kelvin was squashed between a cabinet and the wooden green table, both being rather hard objects.

To add to his misery the air con was blowing at his face.

As if that wasn't enough, he also lost money, to MOI!


Everyone lost money to me!!! :D I tell you you don't tell them ok? I wore a red underwear! Won $35 or something.

Back to the loser point, Kelvin suddenly asked last night if I wanted to go to a party at his new place tomorrow. I then realised I didn't actually have concrete plans for countdown. -_-

If I knew the date earlier I would have been in a mighty panic.

Till today I finally understood the meaning of "chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zi" (meaning problems will solve themselves when the time comes, or something like that).

So yes.

I hate the rain! It is so annoying! I wanted to wear boots today but I can't, because the damn rain's gonna spoil them. I can't even wear espadrilles. *grumble grumble*

Yah bimbo, so what? So many girls are taking care of their looks, it is a natural instinct not to fall behind and be left on the shelf, OK?! I can't help it if I am a little more carnal and competitive!


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