Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not letting life shortchange you

Today I woke up with a msg from Howard joking about how my last entry was "quite racist".

Actually I have no idea whether Howard was joking, or he might be just trying to protect me, but this is only one of the many comments I've got.


Why is it racist?

Firstly, it is not even racism. If anything, it is nationalism. Or whatever it is called to discriminate a country. And I don't even discriminate their country. I discriminate the men of their country who comes to work in Singapore.

Fine, since you people are so sensitive, I'm gonna change the "racist" word I used to "foreign workers". Now, it is not racist anymore, is it? Or is it more prejudiced than saying "I won't want to dance with ah bengs"?

So yes, I don't like our foreign workers, whatever race they are - but you know the kind we all dislike the most. You tell me you will like them IF THEY KEEP MOLESTING YOU?

Now once or twice mind you.

Many many fucking times.

Here's a complete record, written when I was 18.


Don't give me fucking stupid excuses like "they are lonely, forgive them." LIKE FUCK I WILL.

Is it my problem, my fault, that they are lonely? Ch**bye, lonely go and touch your mother ok, don't come and touch me. There are so many solutions, like going to Geylang to look for other female foreign workers. No money? Go rob a bank, and see if the law sympathetizes with "I am lonely and need money to fuck".

If you want to touch me, sorry, you have to work on it just like everyone else.

And don't give me stupid excuses like I deserve to be molested coz I wear skimpy clothes. The next time I hear a guy say that, I will grab his balls and pull them off, I swear. Then I'll tell him he deserves it coz he has balls.

Let me give you a piece of startling news: I NEVER ONCE GOT MOLESTED WHEN I WORE SKIMPY CLOTHES.

Always when I am in my school uniform. Oh, so now I deserve it coz school uniforms look kinky? Fuck you.

So yes: I don't like our foreign workers, and like I said, I most certainly won't like to dance with them in a club.

Ask any other Singaporean girl and I bet the answer will be a loud, loud unison.

Racist? I have not even BEGIN to complain about our dear foreign workers.

WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY ALL DOING IN ORCHARD ROAD ON CHRISTMAS EVE? I wasn't stupid enough to go to Orchard this year, but I've been there enough times to know what goes on there.

This year, it seems, a lot of our poor teenage girls got bullied by these foreign workers.

They apparently purchase those faux snow spray bottles, and when they walk pass a young girl, they spray their faces.

Har de har har, sorry, nobody wants to celebrate Christmas with you spraying their face, so fuck off from our girls, OK?!

According to Shuyin, in retaliation, the young beng boyfriends of the girls buy bottles back to only spray at foreign workers (alright, I have to admit that sounds funny). This in turn makes the foreign workers either get angry, or think we wanna play with them... and they spray the girls even more.


Now not only do the girls get sprayed, they get molested.

I know. To be fair to the foreign workers, not all of them are molesters, and of course, our own Singaporean men molest the girls too. But from personal experience, I can tell you foreign workers are usually the ones molesting our girls.

Why? Because they are not in their own country, and they think they can get away with it.

Which, sadly speaking, they usually do, because most girls just let it pass.

Even if they get caught, so what? Police, and then? Will their wives know, and family shamed? Oh no... No social obligations here for them.

I do not understand why our holidays always have to be tainted by such RIDICULOUS TROUBLES, such as having to handle these molest cases.

WHY? Why can't Singaporeans just have fun in our own Orchard Road (or insert popular spot) without having to be packed among these foreign workers?

I don't mind them being there, because holidays are supposed to be for people to get together, but I CAN'T POSSIBLY TOLERATE MOLESTING, CAN I??

Remember millennium? Man, that was the worst. I think I got molested so many times that day, I can't even count. When I walked with my hands covering my breasts, I get touched in the butt. Wow, how fun!

These years, I don't even go to crowded areas (excluding clubs) anymore because I know for sure the presence of these foreign workers.

Why are they allowed? They don't contribute to our shopping centre's sales... They terrorise our girls, spoiling everyone's fun.

In time to come, people will all smarten up. Because of the presence of these molesters, girls will cease going to Orchard at all. When chicks don't go, our Singaporean guys won't go as well.

All you see in Orchard will be...

Man, that would be so fun. Imagine all the companies putting up parties and special performances... Only foreign workers will participate. Yay!

I say, either make sure these people don't play play, or ban them entirely from Orchard road. They want to have fun, go have fun somewhere else. Sorry, if you can't behave, that's the way it is.

And to the people saying dumb things like I'm gonna get caught by the police.

*Shrieks in laughter*

You people are so funny.

Instead of protecting our own vulnerable females, our police spends time catching someone who berates molesters from ANOTHER COUNTRY?

LOL... I'd love to see how smarter Singaporeans react to a Singaporean being convicted for racism against another country's citizens (although I wasn't racist).

It is like Taiwan government convicting the Taiwanese fellow who said Singapore is like a piece of snot - ludicrous! Making your own citizen suffer another country's citizens will SO push votes for our government. Hurray, this government protects others more than us!

If this case ever goes to court, I'll ask the judge: Would you like to have your daughter club with foreign workers?

There you go. He's racist too.

I swear your Singaporeans are the biggest hypocrites EVER. People say they use handicapped toilets, you get angry - when I swear you use it yourself. People say they don't wanna dance with foreign workers, you also get angry. You like them so much, you go suck their cocks lar. Read my blog for what. Fuck off.


On another note, people always ask me why I stand so strongly for the things I believe in.

I don't know if I have said this before, which I think I did, but I'm gonna repeat it.

I am such a bitch, because I got molested one time too many.

Yes. I didn't use to be like this. I was still loud yes, but in general, I was still a meek person who will keep quiet when I get bullied.

"Hiyah, just let it go," I used to tell myself.

Just like your average, pleasant Jane.



I have rights, and I am not afraid to use them. No way will I let any unfairness get away.

Just that day, Shuyin and I were in Zouk's member's, and a waiter spilled a glass of Bailey's on Shuyin.

From the back of her white top, to the ends of her white skirt, she has stained a dark shade of brown.

The waiter looked at us while Shuyin screamed a bit, and proceeded to walk away.

I grabbed him by his shirt and shouted at him, "What, you stained all her apparels (yes, I used apparels), and you are just gonna walk away like that?"

He looked at me and said, "She knocked into me."

I tell you, I was so furious, I could have slapped him on the spot.

Shuyin was just standing there, not moving, and the fuck would she deserve to be spilled on this way. Not only did he not apologize, he accused her of knocking into him!! Wah lau, I was so boiling mad, I tell you!! *clench fists*

While I was telling this waiter Shuyin didn't move at all, he insisted she did, and just walked away.

All my other friends were like, "Forget it lar, the clothes are stained, nothing you can do about it now."

But sorry, I don't forgive and forget such things. Not when I know the waiter is gonna think he can use the same trick on the next person he spills on, and it could very well be me.

So I pulled Shuyin along and spoke to the manager.

He was very nice and apologetic, and said he would like to do something, but he can't possibly clean Shuyin's clothes for her now, though Zouk will pay for dry-cleaning if she intends to do it.

As a form of apology, he also bought us all a round of drinks.

The waiter was also brought to us to say he was sorry.

What good does it do to me to make life so difficult for the waiter?

Nothing, except I will not let anyone get away with bullying my friends (or myself, for that matter). Never mind the round of drinks. If in the first place he apologized and said sorry, nobody would have pursued the matter.

But he had to accuse SY of pushing him when all the poor girl did was to stand there.

Since when is it ever true about "Nothing you can do about it"? Almost never. You can do something about it if you are determined enough.

So yes.

I'm a bitch like that.

You may think I'm petty, I'm self-centered, but I only have one life, and if I don't fight for it, nobody will fight for me.

There you go... This is Xiaxue for you.

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