So many photos no title can cover them.

It is 8 freaking AM! Yesterday I shocked myself with my sleep patterns.

I woke up early right, so by 9 at night I got tired, and went to bed.

In the end I woke up at 7am! 7am! Never woke up so early since secondary school! So I woke up, chatted a bit with a friend in US, and by 9am, realise that none of my bumming friends are up yet, so I fell asleep again.

I slept till 6pm. -_-

I am very amazed. So yes, right now, I have not yet slept, and I am feeling hungry!

Momo woke up at 8am, no longer feeling surprised that I am not sleeping yet, and asked if I want breakfast. Except it is not really breakfast but supper, isn't it? Ha. *dry laughter*

So MY POINT IS!!!! She is downstairs buying breakfast and the only reason why I am not sleeping yet is because I want to eat it! Yay!

So if you like my blogs, you thank Momo! And click here to vote for me too! (Can vote once everyday) :D

Here are some very ancient photos! You know they are ancient coz I still have my braids on, and of course, Shuyin have recently grown a fine beard - and she is still beardless in these pics.

This is Shuyin before the beard. I told her it's fashion suicide but she insisted on growing it, saying it matches my single curly 5 inch armpit hair, which I have refused to pluck ... since puberty I think. You remember the date you started puberty? Mine was 11/02/1996!

Ah, I think from now onwards I will celebrate menst***tion anniversaries! :D (I starred it coz the word somehow looks more offensive than che**bye)

Friends, "Why are you treating us to this red cranberry cake?"

Me, mysterious smile, "What date is it?"

Friends, "It's the 11th of Feb. It's not your birthday, that's on 28th of April, isn't it?"

Me, "That's correct."

Friends, "Then?"

Me, "Today we celebrate the 10th year of my womanhood! Let's drink up!"

Friends, "... Oh wait. This cake... Red... It is not...?"

Me, chokes, "WHAT? Er no... No... Eat up, eat up."


Just on an irrelevant trivia note, woman spend an average of 6 fucking years menstr**ting.

THAT IS SO FUCKING LONG! I asked someone if she would want it all at one go or have it like now, once a month. Think she said all at one go. Siao! Imagine 6 years of no tanning and constant cramps! But wow, freedom after that, shiok!

Er... Did I digress a lot? Sorry sorry...

Me! My wonderful hair colour is still sponsored (not endorsed) by Kimage and it is still gorgeous!

The stylist was so sweet, she wrapped up my braids!

Long hair, no beard.

Short hair... Nice right? It is supposed to look like Jessica Alba's style.

Met Idris for show but couldn't catch any...

We both have nice hair! :D

Next day! Look very angelic right?

I KNOW! Coz I did "Apply image, screen" on photoshop, haha!

Shuyin and I spent so much at the Loreal Warehouse sale! Super cheap can, mascaras for $5!

Junne came back from Perth that day, so we went all the way to Pasir Ris to find her, at her place!

The chao turtle is very ungrateful, she let her dog bite me and Shuyin... :(

After that Kelvin called and asked if we wanna go to KTV, and I brought the girls along!


Kelvin engages you in a staring competition.

Big eyes are SO WASTED on guys! What do they need it for? Only makes them look sissified can. Gimme lar. I swap eyes with him. Will look perfect on me. *mumbles* guys don't need big eyes...

To the million or so people who say that Junne looks like Joey Yung, thanks for being another one to bite the dust and stating the obvious.

To be fair Junne looked more like the pre-surgery Joey, but hey, I think actually Junne's parents might have gave birth to twins and sold one to Hong Kong in poverty, where she got raised by mafia parents and was pushed into stardom.

I discussed this possibility with Junne, but she just shot me a disgusted look and shouted incohorently something about "never was", "poor to that extent" and "you" "crazy bitch".

Whatever man, you judge for yourself:

Anyway June likes looking like Joey. I've got proof!

She really getting into the mood...

A bit ding dong hor?

After KTV Shuyin and I stayed over at Jealous Junne's place... When she was bathing we ransacked her 3-doored floor-to-ceiling cupboard!

Inside there was a lot of stupid hats, so we started wearing them! Junne is siao, last time in poly, she'd go into this "fashion transition" where she will do a complete image makeover.

One of her most horrible ideas was to "act jap", when she procured a lot of these crazyass headgear!


I'm wearing a fucking BEANIE! Whahaha! Junne thinks she is a guitar strumming punk is it? LOL

What's that with Shuyin? A BONNET!


We started to dig more hats to wear, and Shuyin got this fat golf cap or something, and I decided to put a bra pad on my head! With Junne's ancient sunglasses! Wahahaha!

How do I look with a bra pad?

Me lucky, me touch pad which touched Junne's boobies! MUAHAHAHA

Junne has these crazy scarves! How, I was trying to imitate Jerry Yan's "Feng li tou" from Meteor Garden! Look like right?! :D


Remind me never to wear such headgear again...

Next! The Balcony!

Some of you might have noticed this swanky place just outside Heeren, which has white swinging chairs... called The Balcony!

I met Huifen and the rest of the guys to check the place out!

I am so impressed by the place! Every single detail of the decor was money splashed. You can tell that the owner of the place had no qualms about throwing out the moolah to make his place the most lavish of all...

From the rocking chairs, swings, swinging chairs... to the big glasses and opium-smoking-like beds for the alcholics... and even a fucking JACUZZI in the middle of the bar upstairs! Amazing.

And it's 24hrs! The service was great too! I think I will be going there very often. :)

Huifen and I...

This is the same photo as the nose-surgery one, and when Huifen reviewed the picture on my camera she immediate went like, "Yikes, you ting xiong!" (thrust your chest out)

I swear I didn't! It just turned out like that.

With the trademark drink, Melon Lemon or something.

Ok, I just realised they are anagrams of each other.

My favourite MNG jeans! Wah lau! Unfortunately for us, we sat on the seats after fresh rain, and the connecting screw on my seat was rusty.

As a result it dripped brown water on my pale jeans! Grrr... But Momo managed to wash it off. Be careful if you sit on those seats after rain!

I really should do something about my tummy. Slimming sponsors, anyone?

Great food variety! Food closes at 2am, I think.

Eh, I asked the waitress how big the foie gras was, and she made a diamond shape with joining her index to her index and her thumb to her thumb.

I think I actually laughed out loud and told her that no freaking goose can have that big a liver, and might have even meanly sneered a bit to Huifen.

She just gave me a confused face.

Later, I realised the waitress was right:


Bah! Pate! But what to do, it's only $14.50! It is still nice though. :)

The one thing I REALLY loved about Balcony: A UNISEX TOILET!

Surprisingly yeah? There is only one toilet, and it has 3 cubicles with one shower room! It is so weird to see guys using the sink just beside you... :) But fun!

There, all of us inside the toilet!

While I was doing my hair Vyasa grabbed my camera, locked everyone in the shower room, and took these pictures! Crazy friends!

I met the owner of Balcony and he beckoned me over and said he reads my blog! :D So honoured!

One of them took sneaky photos of me while the GM of Ministry of Sound was talking to me, lol... It truely looks like a sneaky photo; complete with the uninteresting foreground! *ducks Huifen's smacks*


After this, I started to irritate Kelvin by picking up this curtain string thing that dropped out from the cushions, and tickling him at the ear when he is talking to other people. He twitches.

He got angry with me, and started tickling me back with that thing - and Huifen joined in, while Vyasa snapped photos. -_-

You can see their hands holding that stringy thing! GUILTY AS CHARGED.

Damn you Kelvin and Huifen!

Up to here, I realised I am only half-done, and I should possibly continue tomorrow... It's getting long isn't it? Go vote! My, it's 11.10am now.

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