Monday, December 12, 2005

Something funny?

By funny I mean weird funny, not haha funny.

You tell me.

This would explain the some 6,000 votes last night. I don't know how you (all) did it, but you are not very clever. Subtly does it.

If there are any cheaters for me too, please don't do it, because it might get me disqualified!

Oh, and I have already written to Wizbang about it, so no worries.

Right, I'll go on blogging!



Post-note: Wizbang already emailed me back. There are several cheaters on both MB's and mine, so their ips will be banned and their votes removed.

Postnote no.2:

Subtracted from mb's votes - 9944 votes
Subtracted from my votes - 5048 votes

Turns out I had more cheaters with 9 ips addresses, but maxing at 1478 votes.

mb had only 3, but his highest-voting cheater is quite a fanatic - he voted 7385 times! Sorry to tell you dude, all your efforts are gone to waste. *laughs at the fucker*