We are Angels!

Sara Ann invited me to an angel themed party! Of course, that got Shuyin, Junne and I very excited coz we have the opportunity to dress up! MUAHAHAHA!

Photos photos! Taken at new club, The Loof.

We dragged the boys along. :) Anyway, this entry's gonna be short coz I have a meeting at 11am tomorrow, which means I have to wake up early!

Shuyin and I went to Spotlight to buy christmas decorations to make halos for everyone! Coz we must all be angels!

With Xiao feng and June... In smelly Kelvin's car.

Of course the colours aren't like that, I was just playing around with photoshop and having fun! :D

At the party... With Motorola chops!

I partied with GOD! And the Devil himself! (You'll find out who later)

We so pretty! :D I love my blonde brows! And brown contacts! heehee...

My angel dress was bought from This Fashion at $23 or something... It's supposed to be a skirt but I hitched it up, and had to put a crazy amount of pins on the back to make it tighter!

June came over to my place to get prepared, and her dress's also a skirt hitched up, with my tube top over it! The roses also mine! Bitch! Kop all my things!

Seeing that Shuyin and I keep wearing fake lashes recently, June decided to also... So I lent her my normal ones, and put on something SUPER KUA ZHANG!!!

My fake lashes are damn fucking long! They are so drag queen!


Alright, it may not look THAT long here, but check out the top view!


Scary right?! LOL

The Loof was on a rooftop of some building, and has a nice billboard!

Russell and Vyasa, with halos!

Actually I have no idea whether Vyasa's is hidden or he took it off.

So funny! Their toilets had silhouettes of people inside! :)

Nice view!

June, me, xf and Kelvin...

Me! I look like I have "dead-fish" eyes here.

Kel + Martin

A dark angel taints the pure white!

Tim's tee has an angel on it too!

Told you she's a fake angel; where got angel need other angels to fasten their halos for them one?

I swear I was trying to take a photo of the group! Turned out to be only myself ahahaha...

Angels are created to sing praises for God! :D

Cannot cannot, Shuyin looks terrible, let's do it again!

Me, "Ok ok Shuyin you stand here I stand in front..."

June, thinking, "Hmm... nice hair. Feel like touching..."

2nd try:

Still cannot see Shuyin's face! Duh!

After this we went KTV, coz the place was really damn hot!

Halos and fake lashes rule!

Kelvin started to sing some song with Jerry Yan in it, and I rushed to kiss the tv!!! SO HANDSOME!

Wah lau not kissing his lips!

Shuyin was a lousy photographer so many shots turned out with me kissing other people in the MTV, ie Karen Mok and *gasp* Jacky Cheung! Yucks.

This one's good! :D Jerry loves me!!! Yay! (p/s: Know which MTV yet, and for what show this song was for? Ha!)

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