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Worst dressed ever

Eh, any similiarities are purely coincidental, and below scenario is just a figment of the author's imagination. *************************************** It couldn't have been a more ordinary day at the newsroom. Everyone had left, it was late. Well, almost everyone. Wee Tuck was walking along his colleagues desks, interestingly lined with colourful posters of the various celebrities they like and the more expensive of the junk given out during press conferences. He was slobbering over a doughnut bought from the level 5 food court, slightly aware of the calories adding to his increasingly pudgy body, but what the fuck, not like anyone thinks of him as an sex object or something. He snorted into the doughnut at that thought. Yeoh Wee Tuck the sex god! Ha! What's that sound?! He heard a slight buzz from Jeanmaria Tan's (or Jaria as they called her for short... what's with the two first names anyway?!) desk and looked into her cubicle. Something looks suspiciou

Xmas eve sucks!!!!

Xmas eve sucks!!!!! I don't really know anyone who sincerely enjoys it (maybe bangalas, but of course, I don't "know" them), because it is so bloody festive that you are EXPECTED to have fun, EXPECTED to not be lonely. Everyone else is also busy pretending to have fun, so if you don't, you seem like a bloody loser. And what happens when you have expectations and do not meet them? Disappointment and frustration. Organising stuff to do on Xmas eve is always a bloody pain in the ass. You can go to organised events (ie parties on bloody orchard road - I hope you guys have the sense not to go, unless of course you are a bangala, then you can meet a lot of people from your country have foam the girls), but organised events are always sooooo crowded. Before you can start to enjoy yourself, you have to defend yourself against the crowds. Theft, molest, people stepping on your toes, etc. How fun! OR You can organise "fun" stuff yourself. But firstly, W

I know, Girls Out Loud rules!!

Thanks for the good feedback for the 3rd episode!! Haha... Many people were like asking me if I was really pissed at Mia, or just faking it for the camera. I wish I were faking it ah! Means I am a wonderful actress. But unfortunately I don't think I am up to that level yet. But you tell me lar, if some ugly "model" keep preaching to you how to live your life and write your blog, you not sian meh? Obviously pissed right? You guy can't see, but I was actually trembling in anger (and also a bit scared and awkward - it's a horrifying mix of feelings). Mia actually said more ridiculous things, like how for example, her love for bangalas stemmed from the fact that once upon a time... She was in Little India MRT, and an old man fell down and got trapped by the closing train door or something... And according to her, "a dozen black hands" stuck out and helped the old man. *cue heroic music* She therefore thinks that all bangalas are very kindly, sweet cr

Blasted luck

Bah humbug! Recently keep having bouts of bad luck - like not ultra bad luck but the funny sort you kinda see in slapstick comedy you know... NJ bad luck (nose job) Momo drove me to my check-up with Dr Huang and at Ulu Pandan Road some fucking tree toppled right before us, so the entire road came to a standstill. Dr Huang (hereafter referred to as Dr H despite me wanting to hao lian my nose is a whooping $12,000 [!!!] and done by arguably the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Singapore - Dr Martin Huang that is) had surgery to do after meeting two more patients, so if I don't hurry I thought I can't take off my bandages that day, and I really wanted to! So I got out of Momo's car and hurdled over the damp railing to the other side of the road, where the cars were going smoothly in the opposite direction, unhindered by inconsiderate trees. It was lightly drizzling, so I walked towards the bus stop, and waited there for a cab. Promptly, one guy came down from the overhead

Indulgzing is not just for the super rich!

Advertorial Sometimes being a blogger is just great. Christin, from Indulgz Bistro , invited me and 3 friends over to try their menu, so we had a grand feast! The first thing I was looking at the food, which Christin said is European with an oriental touch. Sounds pretty good. And the second thing I noticed was the price (afterall I had to see how much I tan dio right?) and I realised that for the sort of food shown (which I thought looked pretty much like fine-dining), it is indeed quite cheap leh! The average main course is like $17? Can compare to Cafe Cartel's sort of prices, except the quality of the food is really quite good leh! Oh well, you will see... The 3 siaos waiting for their food inside... I invited Wong, Teo lala and Weili! All 3 gluttons lor! Christin said that she got a lot of food for us, and the 3 of them merely smiled and Weili told her to try us. Ha! We were served this yummy PINK champagne... I'm not mad over alcohol, but it seems that ge