Belated Xmas photos

I so need to cool down. I am very, very pissed off by people who are deluding themselves that molestation by these foreign workers are not happening, JUST BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSEDLY "RACIST".

Open your eyes: IT IS HAPPENING.

Now, you throw me the question of race riots in Sydney and ask me if I would like it to happen in Singapore.

No, of course I won't.

But I can tell you, if a few thousand Chinese have been molesting Australian girls in Australia, then I SEE NO WRONG IN PEOPLE SAYING THAT IT HAS BEEN HAPPENING.

Go ahead. Say these Chinese in Australia are perverts. Say they are unruly, horny, and cannot keep their hands to themselves.


What cannot be accepted, of course, is the assumption that ALL CHINESE ARE PERVERTS.

Just like not all foreign workers are perverts. They aren't all bad. Some of them have families in their own countries, and are here just to work.

The nice ones must not have been in Orchard that night though, because we DID see so many of them molesting and spraying us.

And not to mention, we must not attack these FWs for no reason (like hitting them), just because we are angry at some of them. That, obviously, is racism.

But stating that a lot of the foreign workers in Orchard are molesters IS NOT RACISM, IT IS FACT.

Facts that cannot be denied just because you are scared of being labelled a racist.

Realise that we practice discrimination every single day. We discriminate looks, education, intellect, dressing, and a lot more.

Modelling agencies do not employ the ugly (superifical); Mensa does not welcome people with low IQ (elitism), Platinum card owners do not allow the poor to join their ranks (elitism), SIA does not employ short girls (don't know what this is called) but Ikea alone is wrong in not employing blacks in France to do deliveries?

Is it really ok to discriminate these other things and not race?

Food for thought.

Race is just one more thing we pass judgements on, and it is natural to like or dislike certain races more, based on a board generalisation of what you think of each race. You certainly cannot help it.


Physically or mentally. Because we understand that not every Chinese has small eyes, nor is every black a rapper, or every American self-important - and any prejudice you have for any race will not apply to the entire race.

Because we understand that nobody can help being the race he is born in.

I do not condone racism, but racism, in my opinion, means not doing anything to harm a person just because he is a certain race.

I think that is the basis we should all work on.

I apologize if some of the comments contain racist remarks - I mass-approved them, and did not read through all, coz it is simply too many. Alert me, and I will delete them.

Enough of this topic, it is making me damn pissed.


SY and I went to MoS, with this blog's designer Alan plus his friends!

The fluffy earrings and turtleneck look very christmasy right? :D

See, my tee is very nice! :) I'm Santa's favourite blonde (although I am not blonde, but close lar, though fake)!

We left MoS to go to Hooters to eat... In case you all ever want to go there to eat, 10 chicken wings in Hooters term means 5 drumlets and 5 wings, and not the 3-part sort they count as 1 in hawker centers.

We ordered 10, being mistaken, and had too little to eat. Damn.

Eh as you can see I like my tee.



Look, they use Mac. And their poster looks like Paris Hilton, haha.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SNOW!!! Merry Xmas!

Shuyin likes it.

After that, it is off to Kelvin's for mahjong!

See, Kelvin really concentrates on his cards.

Just for your info, my least favourite card is the stupid bird (yi shuo), followed by 8 tong, because I think it looks like Buddha's hair, plus I hate blue.

So if you sit after me, I keep your 2,3 shuos and 7,9 tongs coz I confirm will throw it to you if I get them.

And also, of fa cai, hong zhong and bai ban, my favourite is fa cai and least is bai ban. I dunno, I just thought you might be interested.

They had turkey!

Shuyin snapped this shot. My cards must be very good, or Kelvin won't be smiling like that.

We ended our game at an unbelievable time: 11am. -_-

I then stayed over at Shuyin's. I slept at 12pm (Shuyin at 1), and had to wake up at 3pm to go to Weili's auntie's condo for bbq!

I tell you, I was so goddamn tired that day man! Which resulted in me not putting make up. BEHOLD THE DRASTIC DIFFERENCE.

The rest started to barbecue but I saw the bench and promptly slept on it.

Before I zonked out, I snapped a few nonsense shots while lying down, as you can see... To my surprise I managed to get a good shot of Louisa and Lamlam cooking! :D Except, got the kpo Shuyin's hand.

Our food! :D

Chicken wings! Delicious!

Then we started to do boh liao things like these:

We invaded the clubhouse after this, which was occupied by Weili's maternal side of the family. I like his family a lot leh, they are very nice and they all cook superb food!


Tiramisu, chicken curry (with salted eggs!), the jap jellies, turkey, sandwiches, shepherd pie, beehoon, satay, potato salad, and even a cute cousin who tends to the fondue!

MAKES ME VERY HUNGRY!!!! Roarrr! I told Weili I wanna marry him coz of his aunties. :D

The children are very cute too, they are playing some game which requires them to bite apples.


And then see who can form the longest line with personal items!

Haha they look so cute scurrying around.

SY, me, Louisa

With Weili and really stupid looking hat that doesn't flop down.
No wonder I am roaring! ROAR!

Lamlam thinks he is a rapper because he has a hat on a cap. -_-

Everybody (is from CCHS and I feel quite outta place)

And finally, Weili's Xmas present from his parents!

Very cute right? My mom has stopped giving me presents since so long ago. I wish she still bothered.

But then again, I also never give her lar. *sheepish smile*

New year photos soon. And yes, I already called ST. Whether they want to cover the aerosol issue is up to them now. If you know any reporter friends, ask them if they would want to cover this social problem too - that is if you are concerned enough.

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