A cowboy's wedding!

I have an appointment at 2pm tomorrow, and it is 530m now, so I'm just gonna post up some photos from Cowboy's wedding!

I tell you, I had so much fun at JB! Everything is big, spacious, and cheap! SHIOK.

After driving around in Makanguru's car for like hours (thanks for driving us handsome!), we finally arrived at Austin Hills Resort.

I tell you, (suaku) Singaporeans cannot even start imagine how big the place is! SUPER BIG CAN??!

The ceilings are 5 stories high up, but splattered with bird shit! Haha

The wedding reception area:


We arrived on Friday night, and the wedding was sat night.

Already decorated for tomorrow!

After this, Sandra and I excitedly went to the rooms... GUESS HOW MUCH THEY COST.

You will never guess it! Freaking 50SGD a night, ok! Amazing isn't it?!

And the room is super room with 2 king sized beds!

I went siao coz the rooms are so big! And there are MANY MANY mirrors! I (major vain) was rooming with Sandra (sibeh vain) and Joel (ok vain), so mirrors were very important.

Squishy cushion! What can we do with it?


Or move it to watch pirated VCDS on the TV! (LOTR)

Me + Sandra

What the hell? Joel doesn't look very willing, Sandra.

Day 2: Church!

Eh, most of the photos compromised the anonymity of many bloggers, so there are only two!

The international man of mystery and his ... aww... wife.

Me was designated bubble blower together with Gracie.

Which is good, coz she is super tall while I'm super short, so our bubbles fill the whole place properly. :D

The Wedding!

Radiating from JB's good food!

The bitches (in a good way) from our table! I love the girls!

Table 8 rules.


The background is so vast and lovely.

I'm not sure this picture has a point...

Oh... That I am wearing boots! Wahahha.

Me + Sandra again. I love this photo!

Cowboy's pretty wife and a cute boy!

I snapped a photo of Sandra bitching to Nadia.

Notice the hand and also Nadia's Um-yeah-lo-yeah-I-know face. We know they are bitching!

Which is good. Bitching is good. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise!

Me and Joel.


Spot! Minishorts! :D

Of course, everyone took the opportunity to spray cowboy's head with confetti!

Notice how every one else anonymous has a common mosaic while cowboy has a mask like Phantom of the Opera? Coz he is Zeus. I am serious. He may not look like it, but he is.

Array of bloggers ... Any takers?

Our table! (w/o Vincent who was taking the photo)

Grace + me

Grace seems decent enough? YOU ARE WRONG!

See, she tried to touch my boobs!

Enough with the barflies! Now tomorrow.sg:

Cowboy makes 7 but he was busy getting drunk! The pose very boring...

Better! T for Tomorrow.


(warning to the hungry: All food)


Will you look at Sandra's plate (mid)?


Freaking nice.


Some kampong seafood restaurant!

I'm gonna eat you all, muahaha!

Kangkong! I can eat the whole plate by itself man, I love kangkong.


Butter crayfish with fried buns!

Fish before the banquet waitress cuts it. (that's me btw)

Fish after!
I know it doesn't look that clean-cut, but hey, I was using a damn spoon and fork!

And the bestest prawn thingy in the world.

I don't know how they did it. I only know it is orgasmic.

All that for only $13SGD each.


On a totally irrelevant note, Momo brought a puppy back that day, for staying over at our place in transit for one day, until it is brought to it's real owner.

So cute.

Eh, don't look at it like the size so small... The shit it shits is super smelly. Stupid dog purposedly chose my room to shit in, kannasai.

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