Saturday, January 14, 2006

Excuse me, is that a knife at your fucking throat?

Standards dropping, getting boring, generalisation, Pes C people unhappy, RJ people unhappy, NUS people unhappy. PLEASE LAR, GROW UP and stop behaving like a CHILD.

I don't mean, in my last entry, for a boyfriend to have to beat up a molester - or even rapist. I just want him to be geared up enough to... Oh FORGET IT. People who understand will, and people who don't, won't.

I don't see why people would get so angry over the last entry... Unless you are a wimp, or you have a wimp as a boyfriend and is ashamed of him. If you do not think you/his wimpish actions are wimpish, then that is YOUR fucking perogative and I have all rights to think the way I do. I still want my man to be able to protect me.

You say I am stupid, I'm naive, juvenile, etc ... Guess what, do you get angry with a child for saying something childish? Yes, so if I am so dumb in your opinion, please choose to dismiss my views with a wave of your hand, and stop visiting this dumbass's blog like you love it so much.

For the last time, if you don't like my blog, DO NOT read it. I have plenty of friends from RJ/RI/NUS/Pes C (no friends who are mascots though) and they know I'm joking. Joking doesn't mean it's funny. Joking means I'm not being serious. If you cannot take words with a pinch of salt, then please stop reading this blog.

No really, go away.

Do not ask me to watch my words, be more sensitive. You are the one reading a blog with a history of rudeness. Use less of the word "fuck"? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Do you go to a porn site and ask the porn stars to wear clothes? You people are so (prepare for it!) fucking ridiculous.

Do not demand I change my writing for you - it will never happen, because you are insignificant.

And also because, you are not a freaking paying customer. So don't ask for customer service.

Good day.

p/s: To the serious, self-righteous people (only to them!), since you don't like my blog, why don't you go play Where's Wally instead? This game has no awful, hurting, *roll eyes* and "racist" jokes in it. Asswipes.