Saturday, January 14, 2006

I know I know!

I suddenly thought of an amazing business gimmick!

If I had the money, I'll go manufacture contact lenses the same colour as Sayuri's!

According to Memoirs of a Geisha, she has blue-grey eyes...

Very nice right?

As far as I know, there are no contact lenses in Singapore which has this colour... Well blue is blue and grey is grey... No blue-grey.

If I manufacture the lenses, I will then have a collaboration with warner brothers or whoever did the movie, then I will erm... I don't know, sell the lenses with free popcorn or something!

"Get Sayuri's eyes!" I will holler at the entrance of cineleisure, waving my lenses around in a mad fashion, until they get beefy security guards to chase me away. With batons! Muahaha!

But too late! I will be fucking rich by then!!

Sorry, sorry, change of situation. Now these security guards will not chase me away, coz you know WHY?

BECAUSE MY EYES ARE TRULY GEISHA! Yes! I will learn to blink them in such a way that the guards will all melt into a meek puddle on the floor. I will then smile in a smug self-satisfied manner and step over the water to continue hollering.

Then after that, I will proceed to use the money I earned to make pink lenses. Now the next batch of lenses will be sold to people who likes Silas in Da Vinci Code, which will be out soon!

With my money, I will set up an MLM company coz stupid people are so easy to exploit.

That would be GREAT!

But well the dream is not gonna come true coz I don't have the capital.

Damn. Bye, blue grey eyes.


Well if you know anyone selling the colour tell me! Looks nice.