Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just a lot of photos

Shan's birthday at Balcony and MoS!

I took lotsa photos. :D

Happy birthday Shan Wee!

I don't know about you, but I think people who are tall should be disallowed to wear hats. It makes them even taller, and I think, whenever these tall people like, wear a hat, have spikey hair or wear heels, there should be an apt punishment.

Like making them walk on their knees for 2 weeks.

But anyway, Shan's party was hat themed. -_-

With his 1.9 frame you can see his hat bobbing around in a crowd from like 2,000,000 miles away.

Howard, as good friend, wore a hat as told.

Daphne and me

Tall people with hats, Shan and Christian. Grrr

Jeffy (guy with look of surprise) with Shane and his girlfriend.

Shan attempts to take a photo of me but I caught him first. :)

Clear view of nostrils. Looks clean.

I think long lashes on men are wasted. They should be given to me.

Yas is my favourite DJ, sorry Shan.

Daniel and Jaime. Jamie?
I have no idea which is the correct spelling coz fan sites say Jaime, and mediacorp says Jamie.

I like that bag!

Ding ding ding! Bdae boy makes speech!

People listen.

And off to MoS!

The famous queue

Had to buy a few bottles to get us all in!

Lijun, boyfriend, and me.

I have blonde arm hair, I really do! Haha

Jeffy and Angela

I know. But it's so artistic!

With Howard and his friends

Daphne from Cleo and Justin.

Howard's hat was kinda sweaty.

Shan looks pretty with my phone's dangly stuff.

Mikeller plus me.

I score!

Shan says, "Ok, kiss me!"

Take 1. "AGAIN, it's blur, Howard!"


Take 3! I SCORE!


I kissed Shan 3 times! Muahahaha! *evil laughter*

(Eh the other girl, Mikeller, is supposed to be kissing Shan too, but I have no idea she abandoned me.)

That's it!

I SCORE! Muahahahahaha did YOU kiss a cute guy today?


G Mask sponsored me a phone revamp!!

Just nice! I was JUST getting very frustrated with my phone (the pink razr) because so many people are using it nowadays.

So, they were asking me if I wanted a phone wrap, where you kinda put a plastic sheet over your phone to protect/beautify it, and I told them all I wanted was diamantes all over my phone.

Awww... You see, I was in Zouk quite a long time ago, and I saw this Hong Kong actress who was holding the V3... When she told out her phone, it was so bling bling it fucking blinded me.


Pink and white ones. So nice!

I asked her, "Hey, where did you get your phone done?" and she replied that she sent it to Japan.


I sian-ed totally coz that's obviously not something I can afford. I tried for months to find such a service in Singapore but no one provided it, so out of desperation, I stick the diamantes on myself with superglue:

January 14 2005, almost exactly one year ago!

It was quite bad coz the glue stained the diamantes and they all looked kinda blurrish. After like 2 weeks, they all dropped off. Bah!

So yes, I told G mask I only wanted diamonds right, and I was quite sure they would say, oh, we don't do that, but it happens that they do!

And they just started to do it too! Yay!

Damn nice right?!

The swarovski crystals are stuck on to a plain, colourless wrap, and then stuck on with super strong glue, so they won't ever drop off.

There were so many colours for the crystals and I was totally spoilt for choice. In the end, I chose dark pink with black crystals surrounding the front LCD.

The crystal "specialist" at G Mask, Angela, spent one whole day doing this! I know how it's like, coz I also stuck on my own diamantes, remember?

It is even prettier in real life than it looks on photos!

I AM SO HAPPY!!! It's like something I wanted for so long, and finally getting it! SHIOK! And free! Thanks G Mask!!

It is super nice! I heard from the guys there that I'm the third person in Singapore to get diamantes all over my phone. The first two were tai-tais. :)

If you also wanna do it, G Mask has an outlet (push cart sort as you see in the first photo) at Plaza Singapura's B1, and also a new outlet at Wisma, third level outside fila. :)

Prices range from $288 and above.