Friday, January 6, 2006

Off to JB!

This will be my last post before I leave for JB tomorrow, for silly cowboy's wedding!

And I will be staying over at the sibeh cheap resort till Sunday. Happy!

I intend to buy some DVDs back. :D

I've got nothing really interesting to blog about... Except one silly thought that occurred to me a few days ago...

You know how most girls don't really know what a real orgasm is until they are like, late teens or something? I think in this aspect it is so much easier for boys coz well, once you see the white stuff come out it is definitely a big O.


But girls... Nah! Sex is good, but it is not a big O, and until you really get one, you can't define a climax!

And unfortunately for us girls most teenage boys will not know how to help you as well. Sad.

So see, the thing is, once you start getting 'em big Os you will possibly help yourself to them all the time, and by all the time I mean like perhaps 3 or 4 times a week, because orgasms are really the most beautiful thing in the world!

Let's imagine now that a girl only realises what an orgasm really is (and learns how to get it) at the age of, say, 20.

Now, presuming kids cannot climax (any doctor would like to clarify this?), and presuming she hits puberty at 12, that's EIGHT YEARS OF BIG Os WASTED!

If she gets 4 Os a week, that would be ...

4 X 52 X 8 =

1,664 ORGASMS!!!


What a ridiculously big amount of orgasms wasted! How much will you pay for 1,600 orgasms, you tell me that.

I know the idea of a 12 year of girl having a climax sounds very perverse, but I'm just saying.

Just a stray thought... Damn, 1,664!


So anyway, before I come back, here are some photos!


30/12/2005. Really slow! People all had their 21st birthdays over long ago.

Don't tell Shengrong, but one of the reasons why we like him is because his house always has a lot of super yummy food!

For example, if you dig in his fridge you will realise he has exotic berries like cherries, blueberries, raspberries, etc, and these are all free for stealing, provided you are thick-skinned like me! MUAHAHA!

A box of blueberries cost like $9 or something, and they are always available at Sr's house! :D

SR getting kissed by his dad, haha

Xiaoyu and I

4J rules!

(With the exception of traitor Ian who went to 4K and had the atrocity to like it)

Sr with Bangzhi and family.

Xiaoyu tells me to tell you all to vote for Bangzhi for Project Superhost.

I heard from Peiying that Xiaoyu is really very ridiculous! Apparently Peiying (who is currently in India... Grr... all my friends are gone) was queuing up in Macdonalds to buy a cheeseburger when she accidentally bumped into Xiaoyu, and Xiaoyu went like,

"PEIYING!!! Why you buying cheeseburger! Do you know, that the cost of this burger can vote Bangzhi many times!!! PEIYING!"

Poor Peiying kena terrorized by Xiaoyu.

Save Peiying. Vote Bangzhi.

Shengrong was posing with his sister and brother, when someone whipped this out:

And they had to follow it!

Sigh, what happened to Sr's cuteness?


Two pictures of Shuyin, Wanyi and I at Balcony.

Totally irrelevant, I know.


NYE at Civic Plaza

There was a minister present!

I was introduced to Mr Lim Swee Say...

Shuyin took a lousy photo. That woman huh. Normally her photo-taking skills are not bad, but when it comes to important photos? BLUR.

Happy New Year!

Foam snow used correctly: Sprayed upwards, not on faces!

I made a faux pas of putting glitter on to my eyebrows! Haha. But it kinda looks festive, right?

Till Sunday guys, tata.