Saturday, January 14, 2006

There are men, and then there are men.

Remember that night, on NYE, Shuyin Junne and I saw a bunch of bengs who were sorta "protecting" us from molestation and being sprayed?

Well, I was thinking about it, and I told Junne, I wish Kelvin were here, coz Kelvin, Russ, and Tim are totally the sort who will protect their female friends and kick these molesters' ass should they touch me.

And Junne, as usual with her, nodded and said yeah lor.

I chewed on the thought a bit, and told her, "Not all guys are like that."

This time she said, "No, most guys will beat the molester up! Cmon, your girlfriend get touched you not angry meh?"

I told her no. So many guys are not like that... I don't know what is it that they lack, or have extra, but they just don't have this primal instinct to protect the weak, or protect their loved ones.

Maybe it is self-centeredness? Or a lack of male ego?

Think about it girls... Will YOUR BOYFRIEND BEAT UP YOUR MOLESTER?

Those who will, will fly into a rage and at the minimum, scold the person who outraged your modesty.

Those who won't, will pat you on the shoulder, try to calm you down, and say fucking useless things like, "Never mind, next time just be more careful, ok?"...

Or "Shit, we should go to the police. Are you ok? (of course not you chao wimp!) Let's go have dinner and cheer you up."



I despise guys like that.

They have no balls, whatsoever. Fuck you and your calm, objective logic. If you ain't such a nail-polishing fag, you would stomp the balls of someone bullying your sister, your girlfriend, or your wife.

No, don't give me bullshit like, "Oh, violence doesn't solve any problems..." or "It is not worth it going to jail for just a molester!"


No lady will feel secure with you. Or maybe she will... IF SHE IS A TRANNY AND CAN PROTECT HERSELF.

Are you in pas c and below? You must be. A real man will allow such injustice to happen and need other men (police) to help them! That's just fucking stupid, and makes you a complete loser.

I know, logic states we shouldn't beat people up, because we will go to jail.

So? I'm not asking about logic now. I'm talking about at that spot, at that time, do you have enough testosterone in you to do the innate thing? WHICH IS TO GUARD YOUR TERRITORY?


We girls hate c*ck-sucking wimps. Omg, I hear something, what is it? It is your penis! It is whining about how it is always limp! Sad.

Little boys reading this, when you grow up, don't be a wimp, coz all the other boys will look down on you, and all the girls will pee on you. Just kidding, the girls won't. Coz we won't let you anywhere near us.

Fucking libertarians. Fuck you and your ... society will solve it's own problems bullshit.

It's never gonna happen. Did you get educated in RI, RJC, then NUS or something? CONGRATULATIONS. You have only met the creme de la creme of society, so do not presume the rest of the world is so clever.

Before you decide society is smart enough to govern itself, GO DO BANQUET WAITERING.

I'm serious. When you come out of that place, you will realise how stupid the mass public is. We cannot be governed without laws, with absolute freedom of speech.


Alternatively, you can be a famous blogger. Then, when you read your mails, you will gasp aloud at how stupid some people are.

So yes, back to the point.

Stop being a mama's boy and use your pathetic limp excuses to protect yourself from getting into any harm. You are just a coward and nothing else.


I just hate guys like that.

Nothing. I just suddenly feel a hatred for these excuses of men. Please lar, go and be a tranny, I think you will be perfect.

Can I call you cream puff from now on? Yes, I think that would be a great name. :)

Editor's note: Read the comments and hear the wimps whining their hearts out coz they knew I was talking about them. Ooh, what if molester is bigger sized than me? Oooh, what if I die, I better keep quiet and do nothing! Singaporean men are so disgusting. Cmon, can't you all do better than that?! And stop touching yourself.