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Beautiful eyes

See, I am so nice. After contemplating for a long time, I decided to share with you all a secret. That's 30% because I am starting to get irritated by girls asking me how to get my eye make up, and 70% because I am just nice in that way. Speaking of irritating girls, I really dislike girls who ask me this and that on beauty tips, and when I teach them or try it on them, they go all like, Erm, this is too drag queen/artificial/heavy... WHATEVER. In the first place, don't waste my time to ask me if you are not willing to experiment. Type 2 girls keep going like, "Wow, your eyelashes are so nice, how do you do it?" I say they are fake lashes, and usually, girls will reply, "That's great! I wanna do it too, but I don't know how to put it." What do you mean by you don't know how to put it?! You think I am born with the talent to glue things to my eyelids meh? I also trial and error before I master it what! Gah... To sum it up: I don't like


As it is I am already a person who gets irritated easily. Lots of things irritate me: the weather being too hot or too cold, flies, ants, various smells, and ingrown hairs, among many many others. I don't like to be irritated but I can't help it. I mean, I can put on a false front and pretend I am not irritated, but that irritates me too, so it's kinda pointless. My friends have to put up with my endless grumbles and I think one of the things they cannot stand is when I complain endlessly about food. I want to be nice to them and end it once and for all. I don't know what's wrong with Asians, but we cook great food, and then always decide to grind some grass and sprinkle it generously on top of everything. We put it on mee sotos, we put it in fishball noodles, we put it on top of steamed fish, we PUT IT FUCKING EVERYWHERE. IT IS AS IF PARSLEY (OR CORIANDER OR SHIT-GRASS, CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT) IS FREE AND IF YOU DON'T EAT IT IT WILL OVER POPULATE THE

Disappearing blog entries

I don't know what happened, but I remember damn well I blogged a blog entry at Kelvin's place before I left for my cruise trip. But the entry DISAPPEARED. I was at his place blogging coz my computer refused to be turned on, and I was responsible enough (to my blogders) to go all the way to Thomson so that I could tell you guys I'm not gonna be here for four days. ALAS! The entry disappeared!!! I don't know why!! And now, Momo inserted the formatting disc into my CPU, and it is working well again. Wtf? (Which is a wtf in a kinda good way) So anyway, apologies, people, if you have been visiting regularly but keep seeing the same damn entry! I'm so sorry! Now, I'm kinda still feeling like my room is waving about.-_- There are so many things to be done, so I don't think I'll blog tonight. I will be though, very soon! You guys saw that blog entry right??! The one where I said I am going on Superstar Virgo and that I said my computer was down, and I

Don't offend women

Sandralicious says: IT IS CNET EDITORS' CHOICE LOR Sandralicious says: I LOVE MY PHONE XX says: hahahha XX says: good lorrrr XX says: what's the good function Sandralicious says: THE MOST BO LIAO FUNCTION IS Sandralicious says: IN THE DARK Sandralicious says: WHEN U PRESS THE BUTTONS Sandralicious says: THE KEYPAD WILL LIGHT UP Sandralicious says: BUT IN LIGHTED ENVIRONMENT Sandralicious says: THE KEYPAD WILL NOT Sandralicious says: IT IS OF NOT MUCH USE Sandralicious says: BUT MY KEYPAD HAS SENSOR!! XX says: lol XX says: skarly in the end XX says: tbe sensor waste as much battery as the lights XX says: whahahahahaha XX says: then is utterly pointless liao Sandralicious says: whahahha Sandralicious says: the point is Sandralicious says: GOT SENSOR LEH Sandralicious says: i is stupid and shallow. Sandralicious says: i like sensors XX says: heehee XX says: me too Sandralicious says: its just a v nice phone la, 2.0 megapixels cam,

I so wanna laugh

I found a photo taken during Singtel's moblogging competition a few years ago... I must say, I look quite different now huh? Anyway, that single contest must have held the most hypocritical people that can squeeze into a contest, ever. Anyway, I was laughing at the photo, one of the girls in the photo claims she is a "full-time model". Except, of course, she has the face of a pimpled cow and the tits of a 12 year old child. Her face is a canvas for the vivid imaginations - and brings to mind the dry landscape of an abandoned minefield. A geographer would say it reminds him of potholes; a cynic would say in indignance, "It's just the many severe scars of a great many pimples". This quality makes her look like she aged 20 years... Not that it bothers her - her lovely smile more than accentuates her looks! That killer smile turns most on... the thin downturned pout of her lips symbolizes a stinginess most men would desire in the best housewives. Combined


Today I swear I saw a squirrel cat. I mean, I thought it was just a kitten, so I stopped to look at it (feeling particularly attracted to cute things recently due to this website ), and it scurried away, scared. It stopped at an opening of a drain (the semi-circle sort along road kerbs) and then I saw its tail! Totally like a squirrel's! Bushy and everything. BUT THE BODY OF A KITTEN! I don't know what's wrong with me, but immediately when I saw that, I thought of a male squirrel with a female cat (cats are always female), and there, their spawn. The idea of it is quite sick. I wonder if animals really cross screw like that? I mean, I know horses screw donkeys and everything, and the results are called mules. THERE IS ACTUALLY A BABY! Inconceivable! Speaking of inconveivable, the offspring of these mixed breeds can't actually produce any offsprings of their own. OMG SEE ZEBRA + DONKEY . It's the cutest thing, looks like it is wearing leggings. Any of you ever


I didn't even realise it is Valentine's day today until Kenny asked me if I had a date for later and I found it very weird that he's asking. Well, screw stupid cupid. I don't like V day.

Men and their stupid weirdness

Just now I was reading another, sorta private blog of mine, and I so enjoyed the entries in there. As it is, I'm not a private sort of person, but there are some things which I just can't share with such a big public, because of the consequences I get. I love reading my old, private blog entries, but I know these entries are the real me, and the real entries that got so many people loving my blog in the first place. I read this particular entry written in October and felt sad knowing how careful and censored I am on this blog. I would never have published this same article here on this blog, because if the guy I used to date read this, I am guessing he would be rather pissed - although I did keep him anonymous. But hell guys, this is really too good to pass over. I KNOW! I totally love my "real" writing too. It's damn funny so you would love it. I'm gonna risk it, and go ahead with posting the entry, since it's so long ago anyway. Fuck those people
Went to Mos with Eileen (Wee) and her friends... met Adrian there too! After that, supper at Breko's with Kelvin and co. Just a hell lot of photos: ***************************************** Advertorial Feeling panicky because Valentine's day is so near? Well, if you are not as lucky as me to be female or single, then I guess you have got to buy some gifts for your loved ones. I hate stupid men who go like, "Eh, you know I love you, and flowers are just flowers, they can't prove how much I love you anyway!" and conveniently don't buy their girlfriends any flowers. Well here's a piece of information for you my dear boys... It's a secret... Girls do not actually like flowers. I KNOW RIGHT?! You gasp, but it's true! I mean yes, flowers are pretty and they smell nice, but they are but some dead plants. So why do girls still want flowers on V day? BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING IT. And not getting flowers means your boyfriend tre

Or Rather, the Lack Of

Short post today... I've got to wake up early tomorrow... :) I can't remember the time school taught us about heat and its properties. As a young child, things were taken in their extremities, like there's hot, and then there is cold. I was damn shocked when my teacher told me that there is no such thing as coldness... As a noun, it does not exist. There is only heat, and the lack of heat . Kinda opens up a whole new way of seeing things, no? I was just wondering today, how many things are like that too? Maybe there is no skinniness... There is only the lack of fats... No darkness, only lack of light. No dryness, only lack of moisture. No dullness, only lack of colour. No stupidity, only lack of intellect. No ugliness, only lack of beauty. No silence, only lack of sound. No poverty, only lack of wealth. So many things there are... which we regard as the polar opposite of certain attributes, but we don't realise they are actually not fit to be, because they are

I don't like the guys I like to be gay

Today I was excitedly telling Shuyin and June that I found this old song of Aniki Jin (Jin Cheng Wu? Takeshi Kaneshiro?) and I am very happy about it. And I started skipping around and saying how handsome he is... *blush* I mean, he used to be like the cutest ever when I was a mere teen, but as he aged he started to have this funny quality about his eyes, like they are a bit too sharp at the edges... Ok, fine, I don't know what I am talking about. But it remains true than he used to be like so fricking cute in the 1990s! SEE: OMG I HAVE TO DIGRESS! I suddenly realised why I no longer think Aniki Jin is as cute as before! Look at his brows!!! It's the BA ZHI MEI!!! Now come to think of it I realised I totally have a weakness for guys with eyebrows shaped like the chinese 8! I KNOW, RIGHT??! It gives them the puppy-eyed look, and I totally melt, I tell you. Oh shit I just realised my favourite ex had ba zhi mei too, and so does the last guy I liked for a good six mon

Blogging is great! :D

Sometimes this blogging thing gets so overwhelming, that I forget the simple pleasures I get from this blog. One of the reasons I blog is before it is so damn cool to be able to look back at how you looked like and thought like in the past! A few weeks back, Weili baked some soft (by soft I mean it can't really stand up straight) cheesecake, and I told him he had improvement already; the one he baked in 2004 melted so bad, it was considered to be a liquid state. Weili denied that he had ever baked such an atrocity before, and I rolled my eyes at him and confidently said, "YES YOU DID, I EVEN BLOGGED ABOUT IT!!!" while pulling out a bit of hair. With this he went, "Really meh?" in a meek voice and I said to him that I will prove it to him tonight. Which I did - by searching my archives! Cool huh? I started the blog in April 2003.... It is almost 3 years now! It is really kinda sweet to know that I have friends whom I have been blogging about throughout all

No particular title

LONGGGGGGG POST Had a happy CNY everyone? Mine was pretty good! Well sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy meeting up with friends and all, and I haven't gotten down to opening my ang pows (red packets with money) yet! I heard my Uncle Johnny haven't opened his in many years and I have plans to rob his drawer. Isn't so damn cool to have a custom whereby the happily married are obligated to give the unmarried people money? I don't know how the married people feel, but I think they deserve it for finding true love and yadda yadda. *self satisfied smile* It's great! I wish every New Year, people will have customs of giving money to, I don't know, people with no boyfriends, people who are short, people with no "real jobs", people with bad hair, etc. In exchange for packets of money, these recepients give worthless oranges, and utter some words of praise. HEEHEEHEE :D Ain't CNY great?!?!?! Because I was a great model for Localbrand