Thursday, February 16, 2006

I so wanna laugh

I found a photo taken during Singtel's moblogging competition a few years ago... I must say, I look quite different now huh? Anyway, that single contest must have held the most hypocritical people that can squeeze into a contest, ever.

Anyway, I was laughing at the photo, one of the girls in the photo claims she is a "full-time model". Except, of course, she has the face of a pimpled cow and the tits of a 12 year old child.

Her face is a canvas for the vivid imaginations - and brings to mind the dry landscape of an abandoned minefield. A geographer would say it reminds him of potholes; a cynic would say in indignance, "It's just the many severe scars of a great many pimples".

This quality makes her look like she aged 20 years... Not that it bothers her - her lovely smile more than accentuates her looks! That killer smile turns most on... the thin downturned pout of her lips symbolizes a stinginess most men would desire in the best housewives.

Combined with the weird non-existance of a chin, which slopes down to a neck too long and then drooped shoulders, her beauty is now almost complete.

Except it is not really complete, not without a mention of her lumpy pear-shaped body with the patchy looking yellow skin.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Cloudy malicious souls perhaps lead to small, lifeless eyes then, whose darty, ratty, little movements signifies the things the person is up to... Backstabbing, sucking up to famous people, doing anything to gain for herself a little piece of fame... You name it.

I so wanna laugh.

She is a full-time model? Allow me to jump for joy - for only in Singapore can such atrocity happen! But then again, this full-time model must not have been very famous, for we have all not seen her photoshoots anywhere.

LOL.... Full-time model yes... So are the rest of the hobos in the world.