Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Or Rather, the Lack Of

Short post today... I've got to wake up early tomorrow... :)

I can't remember the time school taught us about heat and its properties.

As a young child, things were taken in their extremities, like there's hot, and then there is cold.

I was damn shocked when my teacher told me that there is no such thing as coldness... As a noun, it does not exist. There is only heat, and the lack of heat.

Kinda opens up a whole new way of seeing things, no?

I was just wondering today, how many things are like that too?

Maybe there is no skinniness... There is only the lack of fats...

No darkness, only lack of light.
No dryness, only lack of moisture.
No dullness, only lack of colour.
No stupidity, only lack of intellect.
No ugliness, only lack of beauty.
No silence, only lack of sound.
No poverty, only lack of wealth.

So many things there are... which we regard as the polar opposite of certain attributes, but we don't realise they are actually not fit to be, because they are not...

It all gets very confusing...

And then what's hate?

Hate is the opposite of love, because a lack of love is, like what Kelvin told me the other day, indifference, isn't it?

Anyone bother to explain more to me?

I hate bothersome thoughts like these.