Went to Mos with Eileen (Wee) and her friends... met Adrian there too! After that, supper at Breko's with Kelvin and co.

Just a hell lot of photos:



Feeling panicky because Valentine's day is so near?

Well, if you are not as lucky as me to be female or single, then I guess you have got to buy some gifts for your loved ones.

I hate stupid men who go like, "Eh, you know I love you, and flowers are just flowers, they can't prove how much I love you anyway!" and conveniently don't buy their girlfriends any flowers.

Well here's a piece of information for you my dear boys...

It's a secret...

Girls do not actually like flowers.

I KNOW RIGHT?! You gasp, but it's true! I mean yes, flowers are pretty and they smell nice, but they are but some dead plants.

So why do girls still want flowers on V day?

BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING IT. And not getting flowers means your boyfriend treats you inferior to how the other boyfriends are treating their girlfriends.

And that sucks - because every girl wants to feel special. :)

So, if you want to make your girlfriend feel like she is the most loved among all the other girls (make her happy and you might get some V-day sex - or not), you just HAVE to get her flowers.

The bigger it is, the more "face" she has. :D

Sadly enough, all the flowers are sold at exorbitant prices during V day!

That's why I say, it's a good thing you read my blog, haha!

At www.i-GV.com, the guys are giving everyone a mega discount for flowers... and guess what? It even comes with gift vouchers!!!!

That's totally a steal.

I want this

For example, a bouquet of 99 roses (almost guaranteed you won't be lonely that night) costs only $198!

At other florists, it costs up to $300, and guess what? that $198 spent is inclusive of $100 worth of gift vouchers by Charles and Keith, Anderson's Ice Cream, and Le Salon!

Not bad right?

Now see, girls are very tough to please. If you spend like an idiot, she'll say she'd rather you give her the money to spend than to spend $400 on roses.

If you don't give her any flowers, you can expect to see a black face.

So how? Getting reasonable deals is the way to go! :)

You can stop fretting now, and click here to make your girlfriend happy.

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