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Lots of things

I think I am siao already. Recently I keep getting obsessed over editing my photos... Not in the way to make me prettier because I am already so accustomed to that I can do each photo in like 3 seconds, but with putting on additional rubbish such as making corners rounded, or like adding flowers and pointless decorative text. Geez. I don't even think anyone appreciates this artsy bullshit on graphic-y pictures, but I am just doing it to satisfy myself - which is stupid coz I piss myself off also when I see people hurrying me to blog, and all I am doing is adding rounded corners to my photos. Pui. Anyway, here are some pictures of the past few days. Was invited to the grand opening of the Creative store at Marina Square! See, pointless rounded corners and some filter added for the grainy "newspaper" feel. Finally a store around town instead of at far Jurong East! I know I was invited there as a blogger and not really a celebrity, but it felt pretty goo


FINALLY!!!! After waiting for so long, here's the... fabulous amazing rare and mostly very unlucky 13 YAO!!!!!!!!! I am a complete person now! After 8 years of playing mahjong, here's my first 13 yao and now to better skies! I'm gonna tian hu and di hu and da san yuan and 18 luo han and da si xi and si an ke and tian hu da si xi! MUAHAHAHA (Sorry to people who don't play mahjong you wont understand what I am talking about but you should start playing coz it is a fabulous game. You don't know what you are missing out!) So anyway, it is kinda eerie how I won coz it was the very last game (of the 3 rounds we played). I was the overall winner of that day's games so I delibrately didn't win the last round with my lousy chou ping hu cards, and that got me rather pissed off as well. In the end Tim won and he was banker, so we went one additional round. Without this one additional round I won't have gotten 13 yao! I started off with 7 ca


It's funny how when you are happy, you can just not care about anything else in the world. Just as I told Kenny just now on msn. He was talking to me about some recent incident in the blogosphere which involves me. I was smiling away as he spoke, and I told him I don't really care at all, coz there's only four things in my life that matters right now, which is: Mike, money, mahjong, and friends. Not in order of importance. (Family is included in friends in case you people wanna nitpick) I then realised that everything seems to start with an M, and decided to change friends to mates. So yeah, Mike, money, mahjong, and mates. Everything within these four catergories are going very well, with the exception of Mahjong, because I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO WIN 13 YAO. I am building tiles like crazy and they would all come, but repeats of each other. Imagine you get almost all the 13 yao cards, and you have two hong zhongs, two fa cais and two bai bans... DO YOU NOT PONG WHE