Thursday, March 2, 2006

About the name Xiaxue


Wendy's a fairly common name I guess, though I have not met anyone recently who is called Wendy.

But throughout primary and secondary school, I'd always end up with classmates called Wendy, and these Wendys are always persistent about being called Wendy instead of their Chinese names, which are possibly stupid sounding.

I didn't like the silly name anyway (Clinton's got the worse deal though I must say) so I just let the rest of the Wendys use that name and I use my Chinese, more unique one.

Which kinda explains why my closers friends all call me Yanyan.

As I grew older more people called me Wendy because it is way easier to remember than Yanyan, and guess what? Now I have a third name: Xiaxue.

As I have patiently explained over and over again, Xiaxue is an internet nickname I used in IRC a long time ago.

It is act chio and stupid, but I used it coz if there is a mei nu in IRC, I'm sure as hell she would be called a sentimental weather condition.

Not many people know this, but nice as Xiaxue sounds (I still think it sounds like I am this gently beautiful and quiet girl - ha, the irony!), it is actually not original.

Ok fine, I was a cheating, stealing bitch. I used to go to #NCC coz I was from NCC, and inside the channel was this girl called Jacqueline who used the nickname xIa^xUe.

I thought, damn, that nickname sounds nice! However, Jacqueline, bless her soul, was very active in IRC, so whenever she was online I couldn't use her nickname as she registered it.

I was then still murking around for a nickname but couldn't think of one, so I settled on another weather element: Xia Yu.

WHAT THE FUCK. I think I was crazy.

People starting teasing me and asking if it means blind fish, prawn fish, etc, which got me quite pissed off.

After a few months, it seems like Jacqueline didn't go online anymore!

So I started using her nickname. Heehee.

I know she is called Jacqueline coz people kept popping out of nowhere and asking me if I were her, and that pissed me off coz I refused to be overshadowed.

I hoped to myself that one day my Xiaxue will be even more well known than her xIa^xUe, and ironically enough, that happened and it happened major. -_-

I dunno lah, but if I were Jacqueline I would be fucking pissed. Stupid imposter stole my nickname and got famous by it.

So anyway, there came the day when I started registering for a blog.

Initially I wanted to use, but that was not available. So I thought, hell, maybe I would just use xiaxue since blogs are supposed to be about your internet self too.

How the fuck would I know that in years to come, I would become famous by that name?

I mean, the blog was meant to be for friends to read initially, and for all I know I would have chosen and gotten famous by it. Then I will be known as Labia the blogger.

People would make Labia jokes all the time and whatever I blog, the imagery of a labia would just pop up. When I talk serious stuff, people would just snigger.

Playboy would pay me millions to flash my labia so that people can unleash the mystery that is my labia.

Nowadays, conversations go like this:

(On phone)
Me: "Hey Mike, this is Wendy."
Person: "Which Wendy?"
Me: "Erm, Xiaxue."
Person: "Oh! Hi!"

Can you imagine if you have to replace Xiaxue with Labia? It would be damn sick.

As it is, I cringe everytime I have to call myself Xiaxue, coz it is an act cute name, and not one I am born with. I don't WANT to be called Xiaxue!


I mean, if given a choice, I think I'd rather not get famous by that name.

I think I would choose... DA BOMBSHELL.


"Wendy who?"
"Wendy da BOMBSHELL!"

That would be great.

Anyway, I am posting another like 3 blog entries tonight. That would make the grand total four blog entries in one day!

You are a lucky bitch. I told you it is good for you to stick around da bombshell (which is me).

p/s: Howard commented that this entry is very boring and I should delete it. HMPH! That man thinks just coz he is some Dude of The Year he can get away with rudeness and murder.