Eh, you guys must be wondering where the cruise entry is and whether I have really been blogging for the past 16 hours or so.

Well, the entry is currently being read through by the agencies, in case I write wrong information and stuff like that, you know.

So anyway, sorry for the lack in updates! Well, my boyfriend (I haven't used to word for like 4 fucking years and I still squeal a little when I say the word, haha) came over to Singapore for the past week, and I was busy bringing him around. :D

In case you are wondering, he is from the States.

Speaking of the word "boyfriend", the last few guys I dated were total jerks and commitment phobes, so I never had the chance to get into a real relationship.

Dare I mention the word "boyfriend", they will all twitch in horror, feign death, and attempt to riccochet out of Singapore on the nearest trampoline.

I started to get more and more bitter and inside me grew a Wendy who was secretly an ugly old hag wanting to be loved. ------->

I hated the girls who would force their little happy relationship stories on me, and I think inside their shivelled little pink hearts they all were having great fun mocking me and seeing me convulse and pulsate vomit while I feigned interest in their love lives.



(In case you are one of those evil bitches constantly telling me how great your boyfriend is, you should by now realise why I am constantly offline on msn.) (You bitch)

Bah, way too tough to feel happy for our people when you are miserable!! You can't expect a begger to go like, "Wow, I am happy for you that you have food and lodgings!", right?

Precisely my point.

I know I mentioned a long time ago I only liked jerks, which is kinda ironic to my constant whining, because I obviously brought my misery upon myself. (which doesn't deprive me of the rights to still whine about it)

I think, somewhere in the middle of my 21st year, I actually turned into a terrible thing: A modelizer!


But anyway, I think Kelvin asked me how come I only like guys with such high profiles. These guys, he said, score a 10 in their eligibility, but only give me their 70% to 80%.

I should, he nodded in his infinite wisdom, get a man who is a 7 or 8, but gives me his 100%. :)

I realised then that being famous has affected my choices in men.

I no longer wanted to date a normal guy in Singapore, because I don't want to hide our relationship, and I don't think the pressure from the blog would be very pleasant for him.

Seriously man! I had my fair share of guys I dated who told me time and again never to mention him on my blog, and I am sick and tired of such insecure men with these petty issues.

Dating a guy who is already famous, or at least semi-famous would totally solve this problem. (Alternately, I can also date a guy who is not from Singapore - which is what I am doing! Brilliant!)

Then there is also the pressure from what my blog readers would say. I don't want to date someone who is, for example, ugly, because I know he will be criticised to death by blog readers, and I don't think that would feel very good for him.

This kinda explains why I like jerks. Coz their egos are so big they can take anything in their stride. *weak smile*

As I said I hated sappy girls who constantly go on and on about how perfect their sick little lives are, so I shall not inflict that kinda harm on you pathetic single people.

MUAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING! Oh, you know your mom still loves you!

I was about to be mean and rub it into everyone's faces that I am in love, but one by one my closest friends all came to me and told me how sincerely happy they are for me to see me finally in love.

In fact, Junne sounded like she was almost crying.

Everyone enthusiastically and caringly asked what happened (none of the feign interest bullshit I always did), and ....


I mean, when my girlfriends get attached all I can think about is, "Shit, she's not gonna have much time left for me".

*averts eyes*

I do feel happy for them OF COURSE, but it is just that other more unpleasant thoughts cloud my mind first, and I cannot help it that I am so selfish!

[Cmon, aren't there self-centered single people like myself who did not feel happy for the happily attached? AREN'T THERE?!]

Well, I guess part of the reason why they are happy for me is because they are also pretty happy themselves, but that is not the point.


Even when I become a begger, I shall be a superior magnanimous begger who feel happy for people who have loads of money and pretty cars.

Back to the boyfriend *squeal* part before I got distracted.

It appears it is not really true that I only like jerks and good guys do score too.

We knew each other for a really long time and all this while he liked me while I was oblivious (I mean I knew but I kinda ignored it) to that and even told him about me and other guys (sorry baby!).

But now we are together! No more jerks. I deserve better. The nice guy wins finally. :)

That's that. And I like him LOTS! :D


Ask me. If enough people ask me, I might post up his photo. Ha!

Eekean: Welcome to the world of LDR. May your phone bill explode.
Me: Thanks.

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