Friday, March 31, 2006

Lots of things

I think I am siao already. Recently I keep getting obsessed over editing my photos...

Not in the way to make me prettier because I am already so accustomed to that I can do each photo in like 3 seconds, but with putting on additional rubbish such as making corners rounded, or like adding flowers and pointless decorative text.


I don't even think anyone appreciates this artsy bullshit on graphic-y pictures, but I am just doing it to satisfy myself - which is stupid coz I piss myself off also when I see people hurrying me to blog, and all I am doing is adding rounded corners to my photos.


Anyway, here are some pictures of the past few days.

Was invited to the grand opening of the Creative store at Marina Square!

See, pointless rounded corners and some filter added for the grainy "newspaper" feel.

Finally a store around town instead of at far Jurong East!

I know I was invited there as a blogger and not really a celebrity, but it felt pretty good to be prancing around and having the store manager talk to you and photographers taking your photos...

I love the attention... *shy smile* (Hey at least I admit it)

But it feels really funny when the "real celebrities" come along, and suddenly I must rush around here and there to snap their photos so that their pretty photos add points to my blog - and this naturally reduces my "celebrity-status", if any, to that of a common photographer.

Chao byebye.

As I was snapping this Felicia Chin smiled at me, and although she is my age, I just felt stupid standing there taking her photo in a ridiculously slutty looking leopard print top, phony sunglasses and big hair.

She must be thinking, "Wah, this photographer siao ah, think she is celebrity..." Haha!

Just to explain things a bit, I really didn't want to wear those stupid sunglasses, ok! I only wore it coz I had a bloody sore eye, and it was damn hideous.

So annoying, I think it is coz I didn't wash my lens properly! It is even more annoying to think that I got a sore eye solely coz I was vain - I have perfect eyesight and absolutely have no need for lens. Pui!

I already said those glasses are phony. I KNOW! But what to do, I have a sore eye!

I was milling around when I saw the player I will be getting!

Creative Vision: M

As you can see, I am a very happy girl. The player can play movies! Now I won't be bored on my way to LA!



30 gig for all your songs, photos, videos, and also additional rubbish you want to put into the player as a hard disk storage place!

Even the hard disk I have at home is only 20 gig, and it is amazing to see that the Vision: M has a screen which can boardcast video and picture files in such vivid colours and clarity...

I think I am getting old, coz technology is starting to startle me nowadays.

See, the screen looks so ... I don't even know the word to describe it. High-tech?

Speaking of Creative, there are bound to be mac evangelists starting their nonsense again, going on and on about how Creative sucks and mac rules (and therefore, it's buyers rule too).

Gah! I hate Mac evangelists.

Hate them as much as religion evangelists and cb MLM sellers and scientologists.

Not because Mac products suck, but because Mac users all seem to think they are so fucking cool just coz they use Mac.

What the fuck? Everyone can own an Apple product, it is just whether or not they are willing to save up a bit. Hell, I can buy 2 ipods with the $800 govt is giving me, but it doesn't make me a wee bit cooler than I already am.

Unless of course I use the ipod as a yo-yo or use it to hit people. That would be quite cool.

But if you are a loser, you will still be a loser if you own an ipod.

In fact, it makes you even more of a loser coz you are a loser who is trying not to be a loser but failed.

Your shitty taste in music will not turn hip just coz you use a pure white product, nor will your shitty designing skills turn expert just coz you do photoshop on a pure white keyboard.

Man I hate Mac evangelists.

Ask me if I think Creative is better.

No. No not because it isn't, but because I can't be bothered go to try out the two players to have a stringent test on quality.


Who gives a shit about which brand is cooler or better? As long as they serve their purpose, it is a good player.

Speaking of this, let me go off digressing again.

Don't you think people who constantly try to be different are very fucking annoying? I mean, what the hell is their problem?? Are they really so insecure that they must stand out in everything they do to make themselves an unique individual?

That day, Shuyin told me that Zheng Chang's friend, who is an avid atheist, said that he likes my blog coz I am an atheist like him.

He also told Zheng Chang to tell me to link him up (Cb you fucking cheapo if you want me to link you you better pay money, you think what, charity here ah) to support his stupid atheism theories.

*roll eyes*

I don't know what this fellow's problem is, but he is certainly mistaken that I am a "strong atheist" like he is.

I occasionally do believe in a God, ie, when I won my 13 yao or get a really really good big O (certainly such a good thing can't happen by chance).

As I said many times before, I would be politely indifferent to religion if no one comes and disturbs me about it.

As much as I dislike Christians who perpertually attempt to convert me (ie I dislike the black sheep of the religion, not the religion itself), I also dislike equally the people who go against popular religion just for the sake for going against it and seeming cool.


So, you are very cool coz you vehemently believe there is no God is it?

If you don't believe in Christianity, for example, then don't fucking believe in it. No one can force you. Be indifferent; be nonchalant.

There is, however, no point in being a "strong believer in atheism" coz you are essentially believing in NOTHING.

What a stupid asshole.

This atheist guy must also be a super believer in Creative products.

He tries to be cool by going against what is usually perceived to be cool.

Fails. Nobody cares.

I'd rather use my Creative anyday than touch an ipod and be mistaken as a phony mac evangelist. And also, check out how pretty I look! The photoshop is done... guess what? ON A PC.

Sigh. Poor Apple. I think it is being unduly resented coz of the bloody evangelists. But I guess better to be resented and liked than to be not cared about. *shrug shoulders*

Enough of this!

Next up, photos from the Singapore Fashion Festival!

Models were all standing around.
Eh girls, he is taken. Bah.

Look at my terrible bitchy face!!

We asked this waiter to help us take a photo, and he tried twice to simply push the camera button and let go.

Which, of course, failed to snap a photo at all.

I moved from my position and told him, "Press and hold the button".

He nodded, and did the immediately lift up his finger thing again.

Exasperated and in a bad cranky mood coz of my sore eye and tiredness, I said to Eileen, "Is Press and hold that difficult to understand?!" - not loudly enough for the waiter to hear, I hope.

Fucking stupid people all around.

At that point the camera when off and there you go... My bitchy face.

We go into the show!

Got bored coz there was no nipple slips, so I took a photo of a male model in front...


End of show!

Lastly, since there has been a lack of my self-absorbed self-shots...

I hope you didn't notice that the text doesn't seem to match the happiness level of the photos.

That is because I am in a fucking bad mood. GAH!