It's funny how when you are happy, you can just not care about anything else in the world.

Just as I told Kenny just now on msn.

He was talking to me about some recent incident in the blogosphere which involves me.

I was smiling away as he spoke, and I told him I don't really care at all, coz there's only four things in my life that matters right now, which is:

Mike, money, mahjong, and friends. Not in order of importance.

(Family is included in friends in case you people wanna nitpick) I then realised that everything seems to start with an M, and decided to change friends to mates.

So yeah, Mike, money, mahjong, and mates.

Everything within these four catergories are going very well, with the exception of Mahjong, because I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO WIN 13 YAO.

I am building tiles like crazy and they would all come, but repeats of each other.

Imagine you get almost all the 13 yao cards, and you have two hong zhongs, two fa cais and two bai bans... DO YOU NOT PONG WHEN SOMEONE THROWS A HONG ZHONG?!

It's crazy.

So anyway, I am relentlessly gonna play mahjong until I win 13 yao, because both Kelvin and Russell, who have only started playing late last year, have won that before, and I DON'T BELIEVE I CAN'T DO IT!

Chicken mcnugget! Kelvin you wait. Stop saying I don't have the luck. I will hu on the 13 yao card YOU throw!

I am also quite delirious happy coz I am planning to take a trip to the states soon...

To meet Mike and to go to LA and Vegas! Imagine walking down Hollywood bvld and smacking bunny girls on their asses while rolling in high cash at the MGM grand!

Man, life cannot be more perfect than that.

Except Momo is not really happy about this coz she reckons that Mike will chop me up into little pieces and sell my Chinese kidneys on ebay, but Momo will be changing her mind when I win millions on the Russian roulette!


I'll go back to Singapore with my suitcase filled with crisp green notes, and I will go like, Momo, you like Lincoln, eh, eh?, and I will shower her with all the moolah till she hyperventilates and I have to lie her down on the floor to breathe.


I am such a happy girl!

And I seriously can't be bothered about the petty ongoings in the blogosphere. For goodness sake I am about to be 22, not going 16!

I remember some time ago this 30 year old saggy bitch went on about how I was not included in a magazine interview but she was. (oh but all the magazine interviews I have been in will engulf you, you insignificant underinterviewed person! Ha ha ha)

She was laughing and saying how I deserve it etc.

I didn't even mention anything, but everyone knows she is the one making a fool of herself, because, according to the magazine, the only reason why I was not included is because there wasn't enough space, and the editors felt that it was right to axe me, to give the less famous girls a chance.



But who cares about all these? I'm happy, and these people don't even deserve to have me acknowledge their presence. :) So what if my readership goes down or I lose my businesses here?

As I said before, I still have a media and comm diploma which I have yet to collect from SP.

Do whatever, man.

Further proof of my happiness?

Photos of me, well, just being happy. And yes, I heard 598 of you. Mike's photos too.

Get Fresh launch at Indochine!

Get fresh girls, and stop smoking!

Had no idea there was press! When I told Howard this he said "What do you think a launch party is for, stupid?!" and scoffed at me. He's so mean!

With Howie and new ambassador Veron.

Cute and mine. Haha! The white stuff is my drool.

(Everytime I see that ba zhi mei I just go like, Awwwwwwwww)

Short singing by Shirley. She's great!

Ha! Reminds me of someone's cheesy commercial!

Then dancers came to the stage... Hot!

Had a free manicure there too! :D


I am happy, and don't smoke!

p/s: The PS brushes are downloaded and not my original works. But I can't credit them simply because I don't know who created them, I just downloaded from deviantart. Sorry if you are the creators!

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