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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti in air*

Fans my ass

I've been fucking irritated by one cb reader recently, and I don't know much about her, but I do know she's a loser. I mean, while she was a "fan" she was nice to me, so of course you don't tell people in their face that they should get less obsessed about a stranger's blog and start living their own meaningful lives, but since she is no longer feeling positive about my blog, I might as well say this. STOP IT ALREADY. I know you are like 15, but that is no excuse for being practically a stalker. Let's call her Knob Mushroom. (I'm recently very obsessed with Kingdom Of Loathing !! It's really fun, go try playing it. Woot!) Now Knob "discovered" my blog around 3 months ago or so, and there she is, singing praises about it and how clever, insightful and pretty I am. She claimed to be my biggest fan, would leave an average of like 3 freaking comments per post, yakking meaningless rubbish about how cool and perfect Xiaxue is. I'

Survival of the Fittest

Some time ago Wong sent me this email: Dear friends, This is not junk mail. It's my personal reflections. Last night, I watched a documentary on BBC about the plight of Congolese children who are being accused of witchcraft called Kindoki. I felt really strongly and interested about it and forgive me for sounding preachy, but I would like to share my sentiments with all of you. The history or what I know of it Recently, in Congo, there is a sudden surge of Revivalist Churches in Kinshasa, capital of Congo. These revivalist churches preach christianity to the Congolese who originally had African tribal traditions and religions consisting of witchcraft and whatnots. I only caught the later bits of the documentary, but basically church workers started accusing young children of having kindoki (i think some form of devil or something). The rampant abuse of children Kids who were accused of kindoki had to receive "deliverance", if not they will not be cured. The result,

Impeding Impending danger

FUCK! *breaks into hysterics* Have you heard of those horror stories before, where someone is blessed with a talent for something, and then suddenly it is taken away from him/her? Truthfully I haven't heard of such stories, but I suppose it does happen on Hollywood movies, you know, to punish the lead to treasure his blessings and whatever, he would learn his lesson and a lightning bolt would hit him and his would be able to act/write/sing again, except now he is all kindly. I think I am losing the ability to blog! I mean, I used to be able to just sit here and type rubbish, and the rubbish would turn out to be amazingly funny and interesting. And when I finish, I go like, "wow, that turned out good!" and go to sleep without thinking much about it. I think I will lose my blogging talent when 28th of April arrives! Why 28th you ask. COZ LAO NIANG WOULD BE 22 ON THAT DATE! I will be so old! No offense to you older people, but damn! My life will become more and more


Happy birthday to my bff!!!!!! 22? SO OLD. And also quite ugly. Hahaha Everyone say Happy Birthday!

Boring Monday

It is so boring! I can't believe my sleep time is back to normal again! (slept at 2am, woke up at 11.37am, chao turtle, wake up so early for fuck, all my friends are still sleeping) I kinda slept early yesterday night coz Mike was away on a wedding and could only be back home (where his internet and computer is) NOW, but due to some plane fuck-up he can only come back by tonight, and thus I am awake and bored. I've got nothing to do at home! I wanna play mahjong. I have finished surfing the tabloids for today, and I have watched all the dvds I wanted to watch, and I am bored. I know I have already said I am bored like a gazillion times and this is possibly making you bored as well, but that's good. Anyway, yesterday I wanted Gu huo zai (anyone remembers that show?! Damn old school!) part III again, the classic one where Gigi Lai dies after being raped (cue that song gan xin ti dai ni), and I felt an irresistable urge to date an ah beng again. [Gu huo zai means "


I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about. I've failed you all as a full-time blogger. I'll go kill myself now, and end this misery.

Retro partying

I just have a lot of clubbing photos to post up... Beware: Lots of eye candy. :D Tattinger Sky Lounge! Went with Eileen to MoS again - Sky first! There I saw Shan and Jeffy, with their friends! And saw Rosalyn too, with her boyfriend Wy Kidd (Me: "So is he Song or Kelly?" Rozz: "SONG LA, THEN WY KIDD KELLY AH?!" Me: "Heehee.") I love Rozz, she is siao. Beef FANtastic! *jarring music* Off to 54 ! We heart MoS! Next up, Butter Factory . It's a very happy looking place in MS, but I am a disgusting spoilt princess so I refuse to pay for clubbing unless it is a super big event or overseas. Why should girls pay for clubbing? It is ridiculous. We lure the men in, and the men buy us drinks. That's how it works. Thus, Russell and I scooted off to play mahjong instead. I think blogging spoilt me so much. Nowadays I refuse to pay for manicures or hair styling or other things - like clubbing... I just expect them to be free. Wtf

Why don't these people get it?

Recently I keep seeing disgusting people. It is ok to be disgusting, I think, but it is very annoying when disgusting people do not ever admit they are disgusting? Same as when dumb people act like they are all smart and tries to give you advice. I mean, sometimes, it is kinda obvious people are laughing at you. Either you laugh with them (ie at yourself too), or you stop being a clown. You really shouldn't pretend that the attention you are getting is glamour, or because you are good-looking or talented, because you are really not. I tell you, I am sibeh suay. Yesterday I was playing mahjong at Sandra's place, and at the background on the TV flashed this girl . The "full-time model", as she self-proclaimed, was acting! Wow, I guess this means she is an actress and thus is like all jazzed up and red carpet and whatever. Not. She acted as a slutty SPG, and on screen she was touching an gross fat angmoh in what blind people would presume to be a seductive manner.

Fuck you mac evangelists

Hahahaha! Mac evangelists are so TYPICAL. Firstly, contrary to popular opinion by idiots (really, intellect is GROSSLY underrated), I do not dislike Apple products . How am I supposed to dislike Apple products when I have never used one in my life? I mean, of course I have used my friends' ipods sometimes, and they have never exploded in my hands, ignited into flames and subsequently singed my eyebrows, so I doubt there is any reason for me to dislike them. Haha the image of an ipod exploding in my hands and scorching my brows just made me laugh hahaha imagine that. Back to the angry topic. I do not dislike Apple products. I am indifferent to them . They do not affect my life, and even their store is at Wheelock minding it's own business (ha, clever pun Wendy!) so it really doesn't affect me. WHAT I DISLIKE AT THE IDIOTS WHO GO ON AND GO ABOUT APPLE. Another accusation I had is that I claimed that everyone who uses Apple is a loser. Now, if that is true, when you

Going Nautical! (Part II)

Advertorial DAY 3! Early morning, at 8am, we wake up to go to the sunny island of Phuket! We took the Elephant Riding tour, and first stop, Patong Beach! I can't express how much I like Thailand as a tourism spot. Penang was not bad too, but there's just something about Thailand that makes you feel like they welcome you to their country, and that Thailand promises you are bound to have a good time there. :) It was so damn hot there but the beautiful beach more than compensates for that. See, so pretty! Ah sunny seas and smooth sand! Nice. First thing we do is to hop on to a coach again. I get a shot of Weili with the nice blue sky behind him, but he is squinting again! That lao kok kok! Much better After this we go see the elephants! So exciting, I love elephants. :D There were 3 baby elephants just standing around waiting for their elephant show to begin! We started laughing at the elephants coz they were just standing around and like flapping thei