Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Going Nautical! (Part II)


DAY 3!

Early morning, at 8am, we wake up to go to the sunny island of Phuket!

We took the Elephant Riding tour, and first stop, Patong Beach!

I can't express how much I like Thailand as a tourism spot. Penang was not bad too, but there's just something about Thailand that makes you feel like they welcome you to their country, and that Thailand promises you are bound to have a good time there. :)

It was so damn hot there but the beautiful beach more than compensates for that.

See, so pretty!

Ah sunny seas and smooth sand! Nice. First thing we do is to hop on to a coach again.

I get a shot of Weili with the nice blue sky behind him, but he is squinting again! That lao kok kok!

Much better

After this we go see the elephants! So exciting, I love elephants. :D

There were 3 baby elephants just standing around waiting for their elephant show to begin!

We started laughing at the elephants coz they were just standing around and like flapping their thunks left and right pointlessly.

Click to see how pointless they are

So cute yeah?

After this we were treated to watch an elephant show. I'm a total sucker for this type of shows, I tell you.

I brought Mike to the night safari and I told him everytime I finish visiting the zoo I feel like becoming a zookeeper. I don't know, it just seems like fun I guess.



I then bought bananas to feed the baby elephants. All this while Shuyin has been standing at the side, totally indifferent and a bit bored. Haha... She doesn't see what's the big deal about animals.

Funny mah, the elephants. They are so pointless.

"Squeak!" I swear this baby squeaked. SO CUTE!

After this we go on to the ride! Was so fun!!! (Shuyin stupid stupid de she thought we will ride the elephants like we ride horses... Uh actually initially I thought that way too then it hit me that elephants are very big indeed)

The elephants are so clever! They all climb up a mounted area and slowly wait for you to get on their backs.

We decided to all sit on one elephant, so we got a big big one to carry us!

It was so fun! I think it really won't be as fun if you sit with only two people, because Shuyin and I both sat on the sides of Weili, and when the elephant tumbles around it really feels like we are falling off.

Especially when the elephant moves down slopes!!! We actually screamed. -_-

Your favourite


I thought it was gonna be a short tour, but we sat on the animals for like 20 mins!

I keep forgetting not everywhere is as compact as Singapore. *blush*

If you think your ass is fat, check this out...


Shuyin is so disgusting!!!

Look what she did!!!

She dropped her slipper! It was so funny I tell you. The rider made the elephant stop and pick it up for Shuyin. The elephant's so cute! It started groping around pointlessly for the slipper, and finally...

It picked up a piece of rubbish for the rider!

Like, "Uh uh, I dunno lah, is it this you want me to pick up?" and shove the rubbish at the rider...

Haha... The rider smacked the elephant and the elephant put down the rubbish and finally got Shuyin's slipper for her with his trunk.

We thanked the elephant profusely.

But Shuyin was not too happy coz her slipper had elephant drool on it. Ha!

Ewwww... chou chou.

Taken by some helpful tourists. :D Looking at this, I can't help but feel quite sorry for the elephant... :( Around 200kg on your back can't feel nice.

That's right it's Somlee's monkey butt! Haha... Funny how there are so many lumps.

Miss World ok mai siao siao!

I think Somlee is very pointless too. She was just sitting here and extending her hand grudgingly for tourists to hold, and in between tourists she would scratch various parts of her body.

Heehee, the one after me kena her armpit.

We visit a Thai temple next!

Such a nice postcard-sy photo! :D

Love these photos

We all took turns to snap a shot in front of the temple.

Alas! We could not go in coz we were in shorts. :(

Weili took a photo of a lotus in the lotus pond outside the temple:

Aren't lotuses so beautiful? For those of you who don't already know, the lotus is the Goddess of Mercy's favourite flower coz it is born in mud and dirt, yet it is so clean and pretty when it blooms.

After this we were all free to roam around Patong beach for a few hours, and I tell you, the shopping there will just exhaust you!

Endless rolls of shops all selling beachwear, sunglasses, imitation bags, and watches, at cheap cheap prices!!

No wonder Shuyin and I were so tired...

I bought a bombshell-looking watch ($8), a fake burberry's travel bag ($20), and a pink Dior swimsuit ($12)!

I was a very happy girl!

Something very lucky and very unlucky then happened simultaneously.

First, I sacrificed shopping time to go look for an internet cafe, so I could go upload all my photos into my thumbdrive, as my memory stick was getting full.

Immediately after I uploaded the pictures, I lost my camera.

*smacks forehead*

That's $520 (inclusive of a 256mb memory stick bought separately) gone! But in any case, at least I have some consolation that my photos have not all disappeared together with the cam!

I really won't know what to do if that happened coz this is a sponsored trip afterall...

So we use Weili's cam from then on! With a heavy heart we went back to our cabin to get ready for the Gala dinner.

Hehehe... The Phuket sun made us all radiant.

Everyone was milling around the Grand Piazza before the offical gala dinner begins. Cameras were snapping, and the Captain was around too, taking photos with various cruisers.

Shuyin and I sipping champagne. Hmmm

We went to watch another complimentary show after this, called Tropicalia, where the entertainers on stage did a variety of shows including dances and dangerous stunts.

I must say we are really quite pampered! Shows, then food and music. Coolness.

To our Gala dinner!

So posh. Shuyin likes people to push in chairs for her.

Haha acting rich.

There's the menu!

And our food!

Yum! After this we go back to cabin...

Only to find it is so messy!

Terrible, and check out is tomorrow.


Don't ask.

We go up to the helipad again!! The wind up there is really nice! Then you can sing Shan hu hai while you do the mian xiang hai feng!

Hehehe... I felt so happy up there with my lips flapping in the wind, that I started to do cartwheels on the helipad. Weili took a video of it, but I'm never gonna show it to the public eye coz I can't do cartwheels for shit.

Speaking of cartwheels, it is only me? I have the urge to do cartwheels everytime I am in a big spacious area. Hmm.

We were totally exhausted so Weili and I napped a little, and went to watch the Las Vegas Revue show next!

It's called Fever and the tickets are only sold at $20!!

It's a must-see man! I have never seen a topless show before in my life so was really curious what it's like, and $20 is real cheap compared to Crazy Horse's prices ($100?).

Obviously photography was not allowed while the show was on, so there's not gonna be any photos.

Anyway, it was all rather artsy and the girls were all in elaborate costumes that just exposed the boobs, meaning instead of like a normal bra the bra would just be the underwire UNDER the boobs.

I told Weili I really don't like the underboob accessories coz they make the girls' tits look kinda like udders, but otherwise the show was very entertaining and novel. Well, to me at least - and not you who go to Yangtze every other day.

We sleep.


The last day on board! We use up our $200 dining credit at the Palazzo for fine Italian dining!

It is a small restaurant with really elaborate Renaissance-que decorations. Look, there's a nude girl! Ha!

She kinda fat, like me.

I only want to eat foie gras and lobster thermidor, but as it turns out the lobster costs like $140 (for two persons) so we had to give up the idea. :(

Nonetheless, we had foie gras, which is my favourite food in the world!

3 pieces of foie gras and so so so so so good, my god! I love foie gras. LOVE IT! WOULD KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN FOR IT!! (I am kidding)

I love foie gras. Looking at the picture makes me real sad. :(

Shuyin's rack of lamb! YUM!

My pasta with portobello mushroom! Very delicious!

And the best choice of all, Weili's tenderloin!

The beef was tender, the potato gratin at the side was smooth and creamy, and there is a piece of foie gras that came with it! Perfect!


And the Petit fours!

Sigh, what fabulous food... And fabulous service too!

With this we go back to pack, and attend the farewell party at the Galaxy of the Stars... Weili and I went down to the Captain's Bridge where we found this!

35,000 eggs are a hell lot!

Finally, we went down to the Pavillion again, where we waited for checkout.

There was still two hours left, so I took out my pack of FHM playing cards.

Instead of playing Daidee like we were supposed to, we started checking out the girls on the cards, and I invented a new game!

Some of the girls on the cards were really quite morbidly ugly, so we divided the pack into 2 sets of cards.

Shuyin was to be the judge, and Weili and I would take a card from our pile, and go "1, 2, 3 and flip!"

Then we will see whose card is uglier, and the person wins that round, haha!

Freaking funny! We kept meanly laughing at people. I got 3 kings (he's the ugliest of all) and still got into a draw with Weili! Sucks. I should win!

In the end the worst cards to have would be the classic pretty girls like Denise Keller or Ase Wang. They can't win anyone unless they pit against each other!

We finally took out the top ten thump cards to get...

I KNOW JING MOK IS YOUR FAVOURITE! Hahaha... Actually, I think the best trump card to get is Dao. No one can beat her - face, name, or otherwise. Except maybe Diana. LOL

(I know my Maxim shoot is even worse than most of them. That means I am an expert when it comes to ugly men's magazine shoots and so I can judge them. HA)

And that's that! We go home!

Loads of shopping to carry back!

Was such a fun-filled trip!

I think cruises are really worth the money coz it's only around $500 per person, and you get to go to two countries (sometimes) and all food, lodging, and amenities are provided! If you calculate a bit, you will realise that air tickets plus a hotel will already cost more than $500.

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