Impeding Impending danger


*breaks into hysterics*

Have you heard of those horror stories before, where someone is blessed with a talent for something, and then suddenly it is taken away from him/her?

Truthfully I haven't heard of such stories, but I suppose it does happen on Hollywood movies, you know, to punish the lead to treasure his blessings and whatever, he would learn his lesson and a lightning bolt would hit him and his would be able to act/write/sing again, except now he is all kindly.

I think I am losing the ability to blog!

I mean, I used to be able to just sit here and type rubbish, and the rubbish would turn out to be amazingly funny and interesting. And when I finish, I go like, "wow, that turned out good!" and go to sleep without thinking much about it.

I think I will lose my blogging talent when 28th of April arrives!


I will be so old! No offense to you older people, but damn! My life will become more and more disinteresting!

I can't even complain about rubbish anymore and have people say "Oh, that's cute, she's so young." Suddenly, I don't represent the youth opinion of Singaporeans anymore, coz I am a middle aged adult now.

Soon (7 days, you fuckers) I will completely lose the ability to blog, and people would stop coming to my site.

The last curious readers would come here, shake their heads sadly, and mumble, "Oh, this is boring..." and dejectedly open up instead and listen to his podcasts.

A few people would still ask sometimes, when gossip goes slow, "Where has the interesting Xiaxue gone to?" but seriously, no one really cares.

A newer, younger generation of bloggers will scurry along, eager to have a job where they literally do nothing. Photoshop will go way beyond 7 into CS23.7, where these new bloggers are the masters - they would thus be prettier than I can ever transform myself.

They would mumble a random controversial statement ("I use handicapped toilets!") and the nation would hold its breath, saying in awe, "SUCH GUTS AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE!".

I will then be forced to work a day job, where I will become an admin clerk.

My life will be fattening because I sit at a desk the whole day, and thus I will be forced into a diet of salad and cuppucinos.

I'll take up smoking and my favourite brand of clothes will become gg>5 (fav outlet Raffles place coz it is so near), my favourite shoes Charles and Keith. There I will be, walking everyday to work from Tanjong Pager Mrt, and my colleagues will all be nice and wear cardigans/blazers.

I'll stop going clubbing coz "it is so tiring - and I'm too old", and instead go hang out at Balaclava where, for once, I don't have to hear my colleagues talk coz the bloody band is playing (yay).

I don't want. :(

I'm tired. Shall go sleep and wake up with even less blogging talent.

Yeah yeah dwindle away all you want. You will be missing out I tell you! *averts eyes* Yes indeed you will! I will, I will, be, erm, writing as a failed blogger tomorrow! Oh wait I already am.

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