Monday, April 10, 2006

Retro partying

I just have a lot of clubbing photos to post up... Beware: Lots of eye candy. :D

Tattinger Sky Lounge!

Went with Eileen to MoS again - Sky first!

There I saw Shan and Jeffy, with their friends!

And saw Rosalyn too, with her boyfriend Wy Kidd (Me: "So is he Song or Kelly?" Rozz: "SONG LA, THEN WY KIDD KELLY AH?!" Me: "Heehee.")

I love Rozz, she is siao.

Beef FANtastic! *jarring music*

Off to 54!

We heart MoS!

Next up, Butter Factory.

It's a very happy looking place in MS, but I am a disgusting spoilt princess so I refuse to pay for clubbing unless it is a super big event or overseas.

Why should girls pay for clubbing? It is ridiculous. We lure the men in, and the men buy us drinks. That's how it works.

Thus, Russell and I scooted off to play mahjong instead.

I think blogging spoilt me so much. Nowadays I refuse to pay for manicures or hair styling or other things - like clubbing... I just expect them to be free. Wtf. I sound so uppity, I feel like slapping myself as I write this.

(Speaking of which, I got my Pure membership card! Yay! Thanks MoS!)

During mahjong I attempted to take off my contact lens without sufficiently cleaning my fingers... thus resulting... in... yawn... a sore eye again.

The same damn eye gotten at the same place while doing the same thing: Russell's place during a mahjong session.

I can't believe I'm so stupid. That's it, no more fucking around with eyecare.

MoS again, with Kel, Russ, Max, and a few of his friends from KL.

Love this photo

Handsome ah, girls? VJ Max! Single too! Go go go

Max's friends from KL

That's it. Took forever to add those groovy colours and words. *yawn*