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LA day 1

Finally, I am back in Mike's apartment in Texas, so there I am using his computer (with built-in photoshop 7, hallelujah), his internet connection, and his electricity to present this long-awaited blog entry. Erm actually I have been at his apartment for a few days now, but I have been, erm, lazing around and watching trashy American TV, so well, this entry is a bit late. God, I have so many things to blog about! Speaking of American TV, I LOVE AMERICAN TV ! Man, the shows here are so freaking trashy and I love every moment of it! In our hotels (Mike doesn't watch TV much so he doesn't have a TV antenna, can you believe it? The travesty!) we watched this show called Maury or something, and man, Americans are so amazing! Maury's this guy who is like the host of the show, and one big theme of the show is to get women with newborn babies to come on the show, and if they agree to it, they will be given a free DNA test, where results will show who the father of her bab