Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello from California!

Sorry for the lag in blogging!

I'm now in sunny LA, where the weather is perfect. :D

The last few days have been very fun... I've gone to Hollywood, Disneyland, Rodeo Drive etc etc and I took a shitload of pictures!

However, erm, the photoshop disc doesn't seem to want to install on Mike's laptop so until I find another way to make all my nose smaller you won't see any pictures... Alternatively some nice reader could upload the program into their website's space and send me an email with the link.... :D Even the demo one would do fine.

Mike's now scurrying behind me packing stuff and I forbade him to look at me blog. NO ONE CAN DO THAT!

We are gonna be driving to Vegas in a while. I think we will meet inbreed deformed monsters on the lonely desert road, where we will be stranded and the people will eat Mike's intestines and make me watch, then proceed to rape me and then eat me too.

Fucking Hollywood movies... You know those shows where people get stranded in long roads with no way of getting out? GRRRR

Mike said there are no such inbreed people. I'm sure there are - it's just that they don't wanna eat him coz he is not delicious enough.

But a rare Asian cuisine! Ah, that's irresistable!

In the case where I don't get eaten up, I'll be in Vegas soon! Strip clubs! Buffets! Big money!!!

So excited :D

I've had my first Twinkie, had my virgin step into a Victoria's Secrets store, and I am on my way to eat mt first Krispie Kreme! :D Speaking of typical American stuff, I did see lots of extremely fat people, but I didn't get like racist treatment, or get robbed by hobos. hmmm. Good, I guess.

I had Yoshinoya yesterday and it really sucks. I mean, the beef and chicken we had was ok, but the sauce was thick and SWEET! What the fuck, sweet??? I'll be damned.

I already miss Singapore's food so much - god, I'll give so much for a plate of chay kuay teow... =(

Funnily enough, I miss Pokka green tea the most of all local things. I'm sick sick sick of American beverages! Every meal I have a choice of extremely sweet fizzy drink, or another extremely sweet fizzy drink.

No taste here is subtle! Everything is an explosion on the tongue, and savoury food may all taste great (and makes you damn fat), but I want something light sometimes... :(

Otherwise I love America! This place is SO great.

I'll blog again soon, don't go fall in love with another blog ok?