Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm gonna fly off in around 8 hours!

Of all things to happen, yesterday I started sniffing a bit and today it has turned into full-blown fever+flu.


Why today of all days??

As I pack I feel like being ugly but comfortable for the rest of the trip, coz that's how I feel now. BAH! Throwing in ugly clothes.

I hope I get better before I meet Mike! :(

Well anyway, he's bringing his laptop, so I think I might write in again, real soon... Thanks and a big kiss to everyone who gave me advice on where to go!

Love you all blogders!



Things I will miss:

Momo and her cooking
All my friends

Things I will not miss:

Cleaning Cloudy's pee and shit
Having no aircon in room
That (*&*%# insect that flies in EVERY morning to try to find a hole in my furniture to lay her eggs.