Woah, it has been a very hectic week!

And hectic I mean I have been sleeping in huge dollops and alternating between watching Return of The Condor Heroes on dvd and playing KoL (My nick there is Axiuex2 if you wanna pass me presents... =D).

In fact, I got so obsessed with the two that I had a dream of the KoL stickmen fighting each other with powers like xiang long shi ba zhang and so on, hahahha. I'm so funny.

Today, Momo cooked this fabulous chicken for us.

I came back home to see it happily roasted and still in the oven, plump, oily, and warm.

With a carnal urge and some laziness I plucked off its wing without even taking it out of the oven.

The bone easily dislocated and dripped with deliciousness, so I gently and with dignity bit into a small piece. I lied, I gobbled it up.

Mmmm, so fucking good.

I also noticed that the chicken had a few toothpicks stabbed across its backside. Afterwards, Momo called to ask me not to mess up her chicken, coz she had rice stuffed into it, and if I like pluck off the whole thigh the rice might all fall apart.

I was then thinking to myself, Where got people so suay like chickens one, we eat their eggs, pluck their feathers to dust things and whack naughty children, we eat its meat, and do funny things to it like stuffing it then sealing it together with toothpicks on its backside.

I mean, if I were a chicken and I know my meat is delicious - you want to eat then you eat la, but please don't do funny things to my corpse lor...

Then I begin to think, what if I were a chicken, and say IF, I am a relatively smart chicken who questions its own existence, then one day, I decide to ask myself, "Why do I exist?", what would my answer be?

It then occurred to be chickens are here purely to be eaten up. If it exists for any other purpose... well, there can't be any other purpose coz they are too delicious.

Think about it. They are an appropriate size, easy to rear, absolutely stupid, their meat is healthy, yummy and versatile, and it comes with the bonus of being able to lay multiple eggs a day! All farmers have to do to these battery hens is to turn on and off the lights, and tadah, the stupid chickens think that 3 days have passed and thus lays 3 eggs!

Then they get weak from laying too much eggs and we eat them.

Perfect. They totally exist to be taken advantage of.

It then occurred to me the reason why humans exist too. The ultimate answer to life. We exist to take advantage of others! There needs to be a tyrant, someone on top, so that all these helpless, yet delicious animals, have someone to eat them, and thus have a purpose in life.

It is a noble cause we have.

I'm just talking rubbish, I don't sincerely believe in that. Or maybe I do, sometimes when I am bored I make myself believe rubbish just for fun. Or it might be the tea.


Momo bought a "diet tea" that makes you lao sai 6 times a day. After you lao all the sai out, you have cleansed your bowels, and at the same time, due to the smell of the latter, lose your appetite for any new food.

Which is great, except your legs get rather weak. Which is kinda good too coz you can't walk to that kitchen to get food. Wow.... I like diet teas already.

Anyway people, I have a shocking piece of news to announce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to the states for a month, starting from 13th of May till 13th of June!

First we are going LA, then to Vegas, and then back to Texas, where Mike stays at.


I don't know where all the fun places to go to are, so if you people who have been to LA/Vegas or are residents there can give me some advice on where to go, I'll be super grateful!

I also wanna go into the nice clubs...! I wanna see Hollywood stars! Anyone volunteer to bring me in and stuff? :D

How, where should I go, where should I go? Where's good for shopping? Is Disneyland even worth it? Tell me! :D

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