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Call me princess

Wahahhaha! I cannot take it! Was just chatting with Kenny Sia on MSN, and he told me he just found Jolin Tsai's blog . It's fucking funny! Kenny told me to read it, but apparently my eyes don't take too well to small Chinese fonts. But I did see the sidebar... It says, "Princess files" when translated literally. Which led to this MSN chat: I must become rich! says: my blog more princessy or hers Kenny le Sia says: hers. I must become rich! says: OEI! how dare u! Kenny le Sia says: she even calls her mom 'huang hou' do you call ur mom 'huang hou' NO you call ur mom 'momo' so she's more princessy than you I must become rich! says: i shall call my mom huang hou from now on Kenny le Sia says: HAHA and ur bro 'gong zi' and cloudy 'tai jian' I must become rich! says: shite i dont wanna call smelly gong zi whahahahha Kenny le Sia says: have to! he's ur bro a prince I must become rich!


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I just threw a durian seed out of the window! I've been throwing lychee and durian seeds out. Hope that they will all grow into tall, sturdy, fruit-bearing trees in a couple of years! :D Pretty trees. :D Today I saw a girl on the bus, and she was with her boyfriend. She has her hair tied up in a half ponytail, and god, instead of lying flat like the classic half ponytail, it was high up in the air - resulting in the tail's body being 1 inch away from her scalp. It's awful. =( (Mid year resolution: Cease commenting on people's bad looks. Remember what Jorraine always says, "OH YOU DIE! Karma comes in KGs!!!!!!!!" - with a deadly ringing silence from everyone listening) Needless to say the couple wasn't very good looking. And so, while on the bus ride I came up with a very good theory. My theory is that it is a blessing to be ugly. So ponytail girl had her boyfriend, which was around her standard of looks, say, 3/10. So actual looks, 3/10. Self-e

I am a star blogger!

ST has been giving their new million dollar project, , a lot of publicity recently, and to my tui-ness, I realised I missed a chance of being on the front page coz I was on a damn airplane. Super suay right? If it were just one day later, I would have been lazing casually on that Astral or whatever car they are giving away too, trying my best to act as if I am a mei nu. BUT NO! Had to be flying back. I didn't see ANY Singaporeans at all during my trip in US, and when I made my way back I kinda had a startling relevation about how ugly Singaporeans are. It is true! I landed in Tokyo and somehow, the plane wasn't taxied where it was supposed to, and the passengers had to all take a bus to go to the arrival hall's entrance. Then when I was on the bus, people were all minding their own business, and talking to their friends, when this loud person started making conversation in a very embarrassing way to some other stranger who has the misfortune to sit on th

Laksa, oily faces, and well-lit roads

Finally back in Singapore after a 3,000 hour flight. (Seriously, 26 hours of being on 4 different cramped planes and in airports) I miss Mike a lot. The dry red eyes does not really connect very well my lack of sleep. Feel pretty drained right now. And to those of you demanding I blog, FUCK OFF. What are you now, a possessive boyfriend? A circus ringmaster and I'm your prime lion? Fuck off and give me some space, ok? I was on holiday, so I blog as and when I feel like it. Which is not very often because it makes more sense to accompany Mike than to waste 6 hours a stretch to blog since I can still blog when I am back in Singapore. I can only hug him for a month. If you can't deal with that, please go fuck a spider... I just realised I am feeling grouchy so I am kinda berating my readers for it. (BUT STILL, THOSE RUDE IDIOTS DESERVE IT!!!!111) Bad mood. Shall go sleep. I guess I will blog more regularly since I am back. GROUCHY. I love you baby. Thanks for taking care of

LA day 2: Disneyland!

73 Pictures! (Single and bitter people ought not to look though, it is kinda lovey-dovey and all that shit. It's not me, it's Disneyland! I know when I was single I used to hate websites which unwarningly lead me into reading some magical sappy love story (HA THEY ALL END IN TEARS, THE FUCKERS), so I just thought, you know, would warn the unhappier of you.) First, we had breakfast at Denny's ! All American breakfast! Hash browns, hamburger steak, and eggs. Yum! Lots of old people there. Flowers outside the restaurant. Why don't they bloom so big and pretty in Singapore? And the drive to Disneyland! Really near where we stayed, which is Buena Park. Parked and had to wait for a tram to come pick us up! SO EXCITING! I know I am like 15 years too late or something, but still! Disneyland ! (Later on I knew why I didn't get to go when I was a kid.) It was freezing cold! I know I am from the shitty equator, but man, I don't understand ho