Thursday, June 15, 2006

Laksa, oily faces, and well-lit roads

Finally back in Singapore after a 3,000 hour flight. (Seriously, 26 hours of being on 4 different cramped planes and in airports)

I miss Mike a lot. The dry red eyes does not really connect very well my lack of sleep. Feel pretty drained right now.

And to those of you demanding I blog, FUCK OFF. What are you now, a possessive boyfriend? A circus ringmaster and I'm your prime lion? Fuck off and give me some space, ok? I was on holiday, so I blog as and when I feel like it.

Which is not very often because it makes more sense to accompany Mike than to waste 6 hours a stretch to blog since I can still blog when I am back in Singapore. I can only hug him for a month.

If you can't deal with that, please go fuck a spider... I just realised I am feeling grouchy so I am kinda berating my readers for it. (BUT STILL, THOSE RUDE IDIOTS DESERVE IT!!!!111)

Bad mood. Shall go sleep.

I guess I will blog more regularly since I am back.


I love you baby. Thanks for taking care of me for so long and taking all my rubbish without once getting angry or impatient with me.

And happy 2 months anniversary - with more to come. :)