Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I demand interesting advertising!!!

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Jack in the Box is one of America's largest fast food chains, and it has SUPERB advertising!!!!

The copy is so freaking funny!!

I liked it so much that I actually folded it, put it in my bag, and flew it 22 hours back here! I wet it a bit at the edge though... Hehe...

I wish we have this kinda interesting advertising in Singapore. You think Singaporeans will like a sense of humour in our ads?

Sometimes I think Singaporeans are too freaking uptight (I.e. Stomp readers throwing a big fuss over vulgarities), but it seems like many of us appreciate humour too!

Anyway, this is not another bout of Singapore-bashing just because I went to US. I'm just complaining about everything under the sun as usual, and I still love Singapore, just that I hate all of the fucking anal people staying in here.

And maybe also hate the Advertising people coz they mostly suck. Remember the nice Prudential ad a long time ago? The boy growing up one? That was nice! Wonder what happened to these talented people... Wonder how that bespectacled handsome model looks like now?! Anyone knows him?!!

MAN I HATE PEOPLE WITH NO SENSE OF HUMOUR! Anyway, Jack in the Box. Funny. Uptight Swiss people! HAHAHA.


I'm conducting a dating experiment for a new project I'm working on right now, and I'm looking for volunteers interested in being my date for the sake of science. Ok not really science but it's for a good cause lah.

If interested, please email me with "Dating Experiment" in the subject line, your contact info and a short intro about yourself. If you have a picture, all the better. It will be fun! Email me ok!