Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In defence of plastic surgery

I was moderating the comments for the post with Dawn's and my photo, and the more I read, the more pissed I feel.

It is pretty apparent by now and she and I are friends, so I don't see why it is necessary for stupid readers to compare her and me. If you think she is pretty and I am ugly, then just compliment her la, why must you put me down while complimenting her?

Vice versa of course.

And the plastic surgery issue is so long ago over. People are still asking me if she did surgery.

By now the answer still not obvious meh? So she did (I am presuming from old photos), so what man?

It's her face what, you her mother ah? She wanna do anything to it also can.

I cannot understand people who talk so much about natural beauty. You know what I think? FUCK NATURAL BEAUTY. Don't brush your teeth lor! Cannot put braces! CANNOT DYE YOUR HAIR!

Coz if you do any of that, it's not natural beauty anymore!

Please don't say things like "Xiaxue has natural beauty, Dawn doesn't".

Firstly, I already announced very loudly many times that I edit my photos, and I cannot reveal my secrets la, but it has to do with making my nose smaller and my jawline firmer *blush*. Damn I just revealed it.

So I am no natural beauty on this blog.

Even if you saw me in real life and think I'm pretty, what's so authentic about foundation, fake eyelashes, and loads of mascara?

FACE IT LA. Everyone is fucking fake. Who can be all natural? I know who... Ugly people.

You say these girls, plastic or made up, are cheating the world with their looks.

But I ask this: What's stopping you from doing the same? Lack of talent in putting make up? Or lack of money to do surgery?

If you had loads of money and your surgery is RISK-FREE to confirm make you more beautiful, you don't want meh?

My point is... It is fair competition! If you are a girl and not happy with the boys thinking Dawn is so hot, then fucking go do surgery yourself.

Defending your own ugliness by defending the lameass "natural beauty" just reeks of your jealousy.

So you are ugly but filled with natural beauty (ha, ironic). WHO CARES? Who goes on magazine covers and fucks the hot models? NOT YOU, NATURAL BEAUTY AMBASSADOR.

In one disappointing movement, I am hereby announcing that if I ever had the chance to, I WILL GET A NOSE JOB!

Of course, I will honestly tell everyone I did surgery la. Ha! At least a bit authentically fake.

As for the photoshop, I just did my usual nose-adjusting and a bit of jaw pushing, that's it. Why should I photoshop for Dawn too? I think she looks fine. Plus, I am not close to her and have no idea whether she likes people tinkering with her photos.

It was ME to asked Dawn to take a photo with me, and she does not deserve getting so much flak in my blog's comments for that.

My blog reader Cedric helps me moderate comments too, so it's not like I can screen all the comments myself.

Just be nice la, ok?

*Don't see what's the difference between mascara and an implant*