Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Happy birthday Singapore!

Just watched the National day parade with my mom's family, and lost $2.50 in mahjong to my grandpa.

God, Ah gong is seriously old! He is 88!!!!! GOOD GRACIOUS ME. He can still pee on his own and play mahjong, though he doesn't know how to play with tais.

He managed to win money from Momo, my auntie (if you remember, the one who calls her bunny "girl-girl" although the bunny is male. My cousin added in, "Yeah lor, the kuku bird very big somemore!") and me!

How the hell he did it I don't know, especially when he xiao xiang gong-ed twice. -_-

I teared a bit when they showed the late president guy who wrote the pledge. He looks so kindly and nice!! I think I am a bit too emotional for my own good lor, I don't even know who he was until he died and yet I can manage to cry over a few sentences.

Nair mind! I saw Lao Lee also got tear a bit, I think he is happy to see Singapore from lousy cheap fireworks can become like today, all laser and dunno what sai.

I know I should blog more, but I am realllllly not kidding when I say I am very busy lor! I really am! I especially came home early from Ah gong's house to chat in Stomp, and tomorrow got to wake up early for work at 9am.

Joyous of joyous occasion though!



For 17 days only but I am so happy. He shaved off all his blonde hair too, so now he looks like a cute army boy. Oh, joy!

I waxed off all my leg hair yesterday. I am rubbing it now as I type, and man does it look and feel good with my new glorious tan! MUAHAHA

Now if you excuse me, I am gonna sleep one last lonely night, and tomorrow I am gonna be filled with endorphines, if you know what I mean, ah huh ah huh...

Pretty photo:

Yeah I know, the tee says "Top Model". Ironic isn't it? Yes precisely. Coz I can never be a top model.

I promise to blog more. Promise! I'll try!