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Weak women

Sometimes I see girls so weak, I really feel like just giving them one tight slap to ask them to wake up! And I don't mean weak physically - I mean weak mentally, where they would not defend themselves! Example 1: For goodness knows what reason, "Eric" was once again invited to play mahjong with us. Maybe he invites himself, hmm. Now, he owes me $24, which I might say, is a super small amount, but he keeps claiming he has no money and no job... THEN WHY HE STILL PLAYING MJ AH?! And lagi best. That day we had 2 tables, and he lost $12 to Benny. Still oweing me $20 from two weeks ago (he paid $4 which I used to treat Kelvin and Russ to milkshakes), he paid up the $12 to Benny! Wah pui chao nua! Why he like that one ah? So anyway, I don't like him as it is. His girlfriend, is not very likeable too, though mostly she just keeps quiet so that's fine. But that day, we played mj till freaking 8am in the morning. That would mean that the best of us bummers are

Birthdays, concerts, and unhappy presidents

Ah Ghim's birthday! We met up at Novena Square to eat at a place stupid Wong recommended, saying it is a new restuarant that serves dim sum or something. Lao niang took a $15 cab fare there, then in the end, they waited for me at the cab stand, saying "Wah lau, Wong was wrong, actually the place is like Ya Kun Kaya like that kind, small cafe only, cannot stay long one..." Chao turtle that Eekean! She is damn xia suay she even called the place and, addressing herself as "Miss Wong", wanted to reserve a table . She said sheepishly later that it was no wonder the lady answering the phone didn't even bother to ask her the time. -_- In the new we settled for the new Jap restaurant at Bugis... Why we always make such bad choices one ah? We stepped in and the Numa Numa song was playing. What's worse, it is in Chinese! Dunno what see cockroach I not scared scared anymore! Nabeh so disgusting! We thought that in a bit it's gonna stop playing, but ou

Damn good skin!

Advertorial I have to admit I had my doubts when Cellnique first contacted me asking if I would like to try out their best-selling product, the Pro Sebum Gel; I have not heard of that yet! The company is based in Malaysia, and apparently the brand is selling so well that they decided to break into the Singapore market too. I put on make-up that day feeling a bit conscious about my skin, and wondering if the girls who are travelling down from KL to meet me later will start insulting my skin, you know, like how some beauticians are when they do facials for you... In the end they didn't insult me (actually praised my skin, though after seeing a photo later you will see how they are just being polite), but I tell you, if they wanted to insult me they certainly can lor! All the girls had FABULOUS SKIN I TELL YOU. It's all snowy white and super smooth no oil no visible pores kind. Also there at Ding Tai Feng was the founder of Cellnique, and he is a bit crazy coz he ordered

Sell out

Kenny sia is a sell out! One pair of croc shoes and he is sold out!!! Our MSN chat: XX: u sell out u wrote for croc thats fucking disgusting Kenny says: it's a good shoe ok! XX: u fucking er xin Kenny says: ta ma de sell out my ass! i like it lah! XX: if u wear them to singapore i wont speak to u ever again Kenny says: wahhahaa XX: u are a horrible sell out blogger KENNY SIA IS A SELL OUT Kenny says: i'll put them in my luggage bag how's that EH! look who's talking! XX: CANNOT sell out Kenny says: they've giving me another pair leh! XX: please lar as if u not ugly enough, still wear!!! Kenny says: ! XX: and of all colours, the mustard yellow one that looks like a baby's diarrhoea Kenny says: go away! XX: might as well get prison grey Kenny says: it's the comfiest shoe i've ever worn XX: *roll eyes* if only its transparent and i mean totally transparent i shall write an entry about how much i hate croc shoes I

Ridiculous idiots

Gawd help me! In the absence of my blogging I have lost all my smart and older readers and have attracted a new bunch of mindless teenagers!!!!! Sometimes I wonder if I look like one of them or something, how come they indulge me in their childish bullshit? They say things like "You look like a hooker from Changi", expecting me break down and cry, thinking, wooh, double attack, I look like a hooker and also a tranny! It's very funny, I mean, I am only 22, but still a far cry from 16 year olds who will get affected by immature sentences like that, yeah? You wouldn't go up to an old man, being all 13 or something, and say, "Youu r v ugliie N fAt!!!", expecting him to be affected by it, yeah? What makes you all think I will be? The old man will just laugh at the naivety of youth. I also find that the comments are mostly written by idiots, because once someone says something vaguely funny, everyone follows and writes the exact same thing, rendering it tota


Or at least trying to photoshop myself to be. :D Hmmm, think Mike will like this picture. Quote of the day: - Zapzap, on seeing Denise Keller on MTV - Me: Wah her mouth very big. Zap: Yes can put two ku ku bird inside.


I realised how old I am, when Smelly, who is 13, told me that on HIS msn list everyone had changed their nicks to include a tortoise icon for the death of Steve Irwin. I suppose the tortoise is the closest you can get to a crocodile, the second closest being the snail , which is not close at all. At least the tortoise kinda lives in water. But yes, on my msn list, only about 4 people had the icon. FOUR! I suppose if you ask any one of my old 22 year old friends why they didn't put the icon, they will give you some old people answer, like "You think I so free ah, NO NEED TO PAY THE BILLS IS IT ?!" When you meekly reply, "But putting the tortoise is nothing to do with the bills..." they holler at you and say, "Yeah yeah only you damn free lar you don't need to work, only blog whole day!" Just to prove their point, they put as their msn nicks "Fuck Steve Erwin and tortoises no need to pay bills is it"... Even the misspelling symbol

I shall be nicer!

I think I am a very unlikeable kinda person because I am so bloody intolerant of everything. I don't like people who are stupid, I don't like people with awkward social manners, I don't like people who like poetry or like to take nude photos obviously for voyeurism and attention but mask it off as art (which in itself gives me the vibe that because they can appreciate art and others can't, they are in one upper class), I don't like people who don't admit mistakes, I don't like co-workers to work less and shittier than me and get paid the same pay (Not you Miss Lee, some other people), I don't like a lot of bloody things lar! In the end, it makes me just loveeeeeeeeeee my friends coz only through years of sieving do I manage to find people whom I manage to not dislike. I also dislike having this blog so popular then I cannot complain about people, which makes it really less interesting - BAH! Don't care, I shall blog about these people! Yest


Don't scare me leh, so many of you wanna go extend hair too?! Cannot lar, I cannot let so many people go extend, very spoil market one leh! If everyone also have the same thing, then I pay $200 for what?! (Had 100 strands put in, $2 each) Anyway, here are the pictures as promised: Is way longer than it looks coz it is already curled up... Wanna know where my real hair ends? Armpit length, yes. One more shot, acting pretty again... Yawn. I'm very amazed by these people lar! They managed to find hair the EXACT SAME SHADE AS MY OWN, and even added in blonde highlights for me just like my real hair! Nice right? Super bombshell! Anyway, the price is $2 for one strand, and they told me that the hair they used is REAL HUMAN HAIR. The thing is, it really does feel like real hair, but if it is real hair, how can it be so cheap? The only possibility is... IT IS SOME DEAD CHICK'S HAIR! Must be lar! Morbid right, immediately die then shave off her hair,

Back to blogging

Sorry lah guys, by tomorrow, the project I am currently working on will be finished, and so, I will be free to blog again!!! That day, I went to dye my hair, and the guy kinda put on a stronger than usual dye - which totally fried my already dry hair... In a hissy fit, I snipped the crumply ends all off with a pair of damn scissors. It was so depressingly short...... so I did hair extensions!! Qihua was the one who found out about it first, and it LOOKS SO GOOD I TELL YOU! Her hair used to be small curls and dark brown (a bit reddish too) and till her shoulder blades, now it is to her waist and totally looks damn Shakira k! Good gracious me! She told me to touch her hair, and it is REAL HAIR LAR! Real hair in the exact same colour, texture, and feel as her own! Best of all: $280! Affordable!!!!!! I can't believe for the past 6 fucking years I have been GROWING AND GROWING my hair till it reaches my ass, and bloody hairstylists keep trimming the ends off coz of split ends.