Friday, September 1, 2006

Back to blogging

Sorry lah guys, by tomorrow, the project I am currently working on will be finished, and so, I will be free to blog again!!!

That day, I went to dye my hair, and the guy kinda put on a stronger than usual dye - which totally fried my already dry hair... In a hissy fit, I snipped the crumply ends all off with a pair of damn scissors.

It was so depressingly short...... so I did hair extensions!!

Qihua was the one who found out about it first, and it LOOKS SO GOOD I TELL YOU!

Her hair used to be small curls and dark brown (a bit reddish too) and till her shoulder blades, now it is to her waist and totally looks damn Shakira k!

Good gracious me!

She told me to touch her hair, and it is REAL HAIR LAR! Real hair in the exact same colour, texture, and feel as her own!

Best of all: $280!


I can't believe for the past 6 fucking years I have been GROWING AND GROWING my hair till it reaches my ass, and bloody hairstylists keep trimming the ends off coz of split ends. After 6 muthafucking years, it is only to my waist!


Want hair like that? Just pay up! (Which I also suspect she did)

Now we mortals don't have to keep complaining about how even if we grew our hair it won't be as thick and as nice! Coz of hair extensions! Hurray!

Man, I keep finding more and more ways to make myself more fakely pretty.

Pictures tomorrow. It is super nice, like a princess. Which I am, of course. Totally. A bombshell princess.