Birthdays, concerts, and unhappy presidents

Ah Ghim's birthday!

We met up at Novena Square to eat at a place stupid Wong recommended, saying it is a new restuarant that serves dim sum or something.

Lao niang took a $15 cab fare there, then in the end, they waited for me at the cab stand, saying "Wah lau, Wong was wrong, actually the place is like Ya Kun Kaya like that kind, small cafe only, cannot stay long one..."

Chao turtle that Eekean! She is damn xia suay she even called the place and, addressing herself as "Miss Wong", wanted to reserve a table. She said sheepishly later that it was no wonder the lady answering the phone didn't even bother to ask her the time. -_-

In the new we settled for the new Jap restaurant at Bugis...

Why we always make such bad choices one ah?

We stepped in and the Numa Numa song was playing. What's worse, it is in Chinese! Dunno what see cockroach I not scared scared anymore! Nabeh so disgusting!

We thought that in a bit it's gonna stop playing, but our worst fears was confirmed after we ordered our dishes:


AND THEY ARE PLAYING HER CD ON LOOP! Which had like 6 tracks!

Omg kill me.

Throughout the dinner we heard the cockroach and lao shu ai da mi song around 6 times.


Wong back from Netherlands and Peiying back from India! I am so happy!

With me....

I don't know why so many people like photos without flash, I personally like it all sharp and clear.

Xiao feng trying to force feed Peiying some bland cabbage strands.

We realised this Ajisen branch restaurant is really very shrewd; they keep putting mounds of dry cabbage underneath their food so it looks like it's a big pile of yumminess but actually, you dig it open and BAH. Cabbage.

With Wong.

Their dessert!

Omg, only the green tea ice cream was edible. Look at the white balls with the brown sauce, and guess that brown sauce is?

I suppose most of us will think honey, or maple syrup... BUT IT IS TERIYAKI SAUCE FLOUR BALLS!

Goodness, it's totally salty and not sweet! What an unpleasant surprise.

The jelly pretending to be nata de coco is also just rather plain tasting agar agar.

Ghimz and PY doesn't like it...

Birthday Boy and his small cake!

Next: My shoppings!

I am siao over Juicy bags and terry cloth! I bought a lot of fake ones, see:

And I don't even use them anymore coz everyone else is using them! Bah.

Geylang purchases:

New heels!

Have to bring close-toed shoes to States when I go this Nov, it will be winter!

And a slutty dress!

It's obviously meant for prostitutes (since it is sold in a 24 hour shop in Geylang) but well, I think it's pretty! I love bareback dresses so much... :D

Went to Shuyin's boyfriend's choir concert in

Victoria Concert Hall...

With Wanyi

Poke Shuyin...

She doesn't love me anymore.... :(

Self shots!


With her bf... Mine is halfway across the globe!!!!!! :(

3 of us!

We were totally overdressed, but whatever lar.

And when we were eating, Wanyi went to fold a

Ten-dollar bill...

Wanna see Mr Ishak very gleeful?

Just tilt the money to look at it upwards...

And downwards?

Fucking funny!!!!!!!! I kept laughing and couldn't stop.

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