Sunday, September 17, 2006

Damn good skin!


I have to admit I had my doubts when Cellnique first contacted me asking if I would like to try out their best-selling product, the Pro Sebum Gel; I have not heard of that yet!

The company is based in Malaysia, and apparently the brand is selling so well that they decided to break into the Singapore market too.

I put on make-up that day feeling a bit conscious about my skin, and wondering if the girls who are travelling down from KL to meet me later will start insulting my skin, you know, like how some beauticians are when they do facials for you...

In the end they didn't insult me (actually praised my skin, though after seeing a photo later you will see how they are just being polite), but I tell you, if they wanted to insult me they certainly can lor! All the girls had FABULOUS SKIN I TELL YOU.

It's all snowy white and super smooth no oil no visible pores kind.

Also there at Ding Tai Feng was the founder of Cellnique, and he is a bit crazy coz he ordered 30 xiao long baos on top of other food, but he also has super good skin lar!

And they started telling me a bit about their product. I'll tell you what they said later, because I bet you aren't interested now.

Anyway, they were very nice to me, and said to try to use the Pro Sebum Gel and see if I like it.

And thus, this was presented:

Nicest box ever!

(Although this nice box is still unavailable in Singapore yet... The current packaging looks like this.)

After showering that night, I had a look at the brochure, and it said that the gel is for removing blackheads effectively without any pain, minimizing pore size, and also reducing facial oil.

I don't have any blackheads what, then how? (Or at least I THOUGHT I didn't have blackheads...)

In any case, I took a picture of my nose first. Hmmm, small screen on camera, cannot see properly.

Squeezed some and put it on everywhere.

The gel feels a bit sticky initially, but when it dries up (in like 20 secs), you can immediately feel your skin feel tighter and softer. IT'S TRUE! I am not kidding, I swear!

5 minutes later I realised that my face felt really oily. This is good because it is getting the fatty whiteheads and blackheads out! Must be working!

I continued using the miracle gel for two weeks, and by the first week, my skin felt like a baby's ass.

I know this sounds like one of those ads where people give ridiculous testimonials coz they are paid to, but I AM SO NOT LYING.

I even have one witness ok! Eekean accidentally brushed my face and mumbled, "Wah, your skin... quite soft ah?" (cue me gushing about Cellnique).

By then I knew the gel was great for getting my skin soft and all that, but when I finally saw the high resolution 'Before & After' photos, I must say I am truly, truly impressed by the product.

Lo and Behold:



I swear upon the life of Cloudy that I DID NOT DO ANY EDITING TO MY SKIN.

Both photos are taken in sunlight (but somehow the first picture is more blue), and there you go, the vast, vast difference it made!

In fact, in the second photo you can even see that the cheeks have a pinkish tone to it lor!

I didn't even know I had so many blackheads right under my nose (wahahha, clever pun) k...

So yes, a little more about the product now that you are amazed. Cellnique used to be supplying their greatness only to beauticians and salons, but now, it is available for sale at all Sasa outlets!

You will be even more delighted to hear this:

It has a no-questions-ask no-nonsense money-back guarantee if you don't like it!

The Pro Sebum Gel costs $69.90, and do whatever you want with it. You have 14 days to try the product, and if you think, well, it's nothing fabulous - just bring it back to the store and you get a full refund!

I told Mr Beautiful-skin Founder that he is gonna get lots of refunds in Singapore due to kiasuism, but he just smiled and said he is gonna still do that to encourage people to try, and he is confident they won't return the product once they have used it.

Isn't this great?!

It is! Go try it and let me know if it works for you too. :D

p/s: 500,000 units were sold since launching! They can't all be wrong or kiasu.

p/p/s: Regarding being a sell-out. Firstly, I was only teasing Kenny. There's a chance he sincerely does like his Crocs and don't find them ugly *ahem*. I don't really think he is a sell-out; he is my friend afterall and I know him better than that.

Secondly, I would like to remind all readers that I have stuck to my principles and only accept advertorials on products I have tried, tested, and liked. If Cellnique didn't work for me, as the photos clearly show, I won't introduce it to you guys. Not because some of you are not assholes, but because I have a blog integrity to keep.

Don't understand the meaning of sell-out? "- to betray (an associate, one's country, a cause, etc.); turn traitor: He committed suicide rather than sell out to the enemy."

How did I? Siao. If I start writing for ipods or cigarettes I suppose you can say I did indeed. But not just yet. Maybe one day if I am offered enough money I might. Like $200,000 or something...

p/s: Please contact Cellnique at if you have any queries!