Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I shall be nicer!

I think I am a very unlikeable kinda person because I am so bloody intolerant of everything.

I don't like people who are stupid, I don't like people with awkward social manners, I don't like people who like poetry or like to take nude photos obviously for voyeurism and attention but mask it off as art (which in itself gives me the vibe that because they can appreciate art and others can't, they are in one upper class), I don't like people who don't admit mistakes, I don't like co-workers to work less and shittier than me and get paid the same pay (Not you Miss Lee, some other people), I don't like a lot of bloody things lar!

In the end, it makes me just loveeeeeeeeeee my friends coz only through years of sieving do I manage to find people whom I manage to not dislike.

I also dislike having this blog so popular then I cannot complain about people, which makes it really less interesting - BAH!

Don't care, I shall blog about these people!

Yesterday, I met someone who won't admit his mistakes, and geez, it just reminds me of middle-aged old men who will never say sorry even if they burned off all your hair by accident!

I don't think he reads my blog coz he is the cheena cheena type of guy who wears bell-bottoms to this era.

It's about mahjong again so people who don't understand mj can skip this whole chuck about him.

Now yesterday Russell bao-ed wan zi coz this fellow (let's call him Eric) kept feeding him wans until he got 9 outside.

It was pretty obvious Russell was ready to go for a happy wan zi win, but yet Eric still gave him another wan. So Russell won, and he bao lar! Everyone happy.

I looked at his damn cards, and you know what's inside?

All tongs outside, and maybe 7 and 9 tong, one DONG FENG, and one bloody yi tong.


So I asked why he doesn't wanna throw the damn dong feng first, you know what he said?


*Roll eyes*

Big my ass, got one dong feng inside if win only win 2 tai for half-colour right?!

If he said something like "I think it's better to throw now than later when he is more likely to be ready mah..." or something to that effect, I can still understand. I can even understand if he said that exact same sentence he said but with a sheepish smile.

But it is the WAY he said it such that he is SO DAMN CLEVER and his method of playing is OBVIOUSLY THE CORRECT WAY that I REALLY CANNOT TAKE LAR!

Yeah yeah so clever then kena bao-ed. I also always kena bao, but when people ask me why I always say I like to risk things, I don't act like "Boh pian, this is the way to play!". GAH!

Eric also gets pissed off everytime people win 1 tai, because the fellow likes to play minimal 3 tai win.

Mahjong is all about winning faster than others do, so excuse me if I win 1 tai to prevent your 5 tai win hor, then how, I don't win 1 tai to let you win limit is it?!

GAH! Mahjong really brings out the worst in people.

Which reminds me - I also don't like people who ask me not to blog about them, especially if they are so bloody mediocre and boring, why would I do that? Dullify my blog? Obnoxious!

Most of all I don't like people I don't like liking me.

You know sometimes it's like you meet say, Eric again, at a social function and he doesn't know you don't like him very much, so he sashays over to airkiss you, and you are forced to say a few sentences to him, because it is polite to be polite to people to are polite to you. Yes I know I used a lot of polites very politely.

So at the end of the function, Eric smiles at you, and says, "You know, I used to not like you coz you are so rude on your blog! But now, I think I like you lah, you are really quite a sweet girl!"


I HATE HATE HATE THAT coz all I wanna do is to tell Eric, Please just STOP liking me because I don't like you, and if you go around saying I am sweet and I go around saying you are a bitch, then everyone is gonna think I am a hypocrite! (Omg sweet, bitch and hypocrite rhymes! Accidental poet)

I just wanted to complain.