Thursday, September 7, 2006


I realised how old I am, when Smelly, who is 13, told me that on HIS msn list everyone had changed their nicks to include a tortoise icon for the death of Steve Irwin.

I suppose the tortoise is the closest you can get to a crocodile, the second closest being the snail , which is not close at all.

At least the tortoise kinda lives in water.

But yes, on my msn list, only about 4 people had the icon. FOUR!

I suppose if you ask any one of my old 22 year old friends why they didn't put the icon, they will give you some old people answer, like "You think I so free ah, NO NEED TO PAY THE BILLS IS IT?!"

When you meekly reply, "But putting the tortoise is nothing to do with the bills..."

they holler at you and say, "Yeah yeah only you damn free lar you don't need to work, only blog whole day!"

Just to prove their point, they put as their msn nicks "Fuck Steve Erwin and tortoises no need to pay bills is it"... Even the misspelling symbolises their oldness coz they are so jaded, they can't be bothered to remember people's names anymore.

I think it's mean, but I had to stifle a laugh when I heard how he died. I mean, of all methods to pass away! Very suay lar. Stingrays always seem so harmless and delicious with sambal sauce... until we forget why they are called STINGrays.

Anyway, I am gonna go to Zapzap's place now for steamboat!

Qihua called and went like, "This thursday ok, come for steamboat... After that, mahjong until like, I dunno, forever! hahaha..."

I was sleeping, but 'mahjong forever' just put a smile on my face.

"Ok... =)" I said.

p/s: Momo said that Po Po (Momo's mom) was a mahjong addict and also very good at it (Po Po died before I was born). Now Po Po had like 9 children or something, and nobody was very interested in MJ except my eldest auntie, and she is very good at it too and plays EVERYDAY!

Now apparently for the next generation of kids, no one else seems to be very interested in MJ too, so I am the one inheriting Po Po's MJ legacy! So please lar dead Po Po, bless me win big big today, Auntie Percy already win thousands in her years of playing, now my turn lar Po Po...

p/p/s: Watch this link, super funny can... Rozz sent to me.