Weak women

Sometimes I see girls so weak, I really feel like just giving them one tight slap to ask them to wake up!

And I don't mean weak physically - I mean weak mentally, where they would not defend themselves!

Example 1:

For goodness knows what reason, "Eric" was once again invited to play mahjong with us. Maybe he invites himself, hmm.

Now, he owes me $24, which I might say, is a super small amount, but he keeps claiming he has no money and no job... THEN WHY HE STILL PLAYING MJ AH?!

And lagi best. That day we had 2 tables, and he lost $12 to Benny. Still oweing me $20 from two weeks ago (he paid $4 which I used to treat Kelvin and Russ to milkshakes), he paid up the $12 to Benny! Wah pui chao nua! Why he like that one ah?

So anyway, I don't like him as it is.

His girlfriend, is not very likeable too, though mostly she just keeps quiet so that's fine.

But that day, we played mj till freaking 8am in the morning.

That would mean that the best of us bummers are possibly quite tired, and Eric's girlfriend, who has a full-time job I heard, is possibly super exhausted.

Now we were at Ann's place, and Eric's girlfriend has been sitting quietly beside him for around, I say, 7 hours? or so, WATCHING HIM PLAY DOTA AND MJ PLACIDLY.

DOTA! Fucking boring to be just watching!

I don't understand how ANY girls can be such pets you know, just sacrificing their time to do things their boyfriends like to do while being totally bored. YOUTH! Youth is how valuable and only come once! How can they just spend hours doing things they don't like?!

The time that she spent watching worthless Eric play MJ can easily be exchanged for time to do an eyelash extension and maybe a hair dye, making her prettier and worthy of better guys!

*shakes head in disbelief*

Never mind. The girl never made any noise. Not about being bored, or whatever. Just accompanying him.

Now beside the MJ tables were two couches, and the gf was just sitting there, beside this other friend of ours who was happily dozing on one couch.

Obviously after a while (being freaking 8am in the morning and not sleeping the whole night), the girlfriend fell asleep.

Eric hollered suddenly, in front of 8 people or so,
"Next time if you want to sleep don't come at all ok? Very irritating!"

In a super pissed off voice!

If anyone ever spoke to me like this I'd calmly walk up to him, smile and stuff some mahjong tiles in his mouth (mind you, they are dirty like hell and very hard) all while grabbing his crotch to smash his balls to little bits of scum (and cum. WHAHAHA) like his character... BUT NO!

All she did was to quietly attempt to wake up, turn on the tv to a minute volume, and tried not to fall asleep again while her boyfriend lost more money (and at the same time completely ignoring her existance).

If Eric is totally handsome I can understand the sacrifice. If he is terribly rich I can understand too. Or maybe his character is very good? But he is just really scrawny, wears bell-bottoms, not very clever, not very nice, and certainly quite poor.

The only reason I can think of for her sort of tolerance is that he screws damn well, but how do ugly people screw well? Well, I wouldn't know, would I?

(Also, he apparently read the last blog entry I wrote about him and said he doesn't care if I blog about him, so I thought maybe I might write this one too.)

Anyway, the point of the story is: Why are some girls so bloody stupid ah? It's only because there are girls who will take such bullshit that guys become such jerks; because they know they can get away with it!

Maybe, maybe this is what will happen in future for them...

Example 2:

Momo told me about this unfortunate client of hers whose husband fucked the maid.


The poor lady came over to our place and stayed for hours, not willing to go home to see witness her poor plight.

Now she is not a looker, and is really softspoken. She had school till sec 4 maybe, and since then have worked in her husband's minimart (who is owned by the mother-in-law) all her life, slogging and giving birth to 4 children for him. (1 mth to 6 years old)

The husband then had a freaking affair with the maid, and guess what? HE WANTED HER TO STAY ON IN THE FAMILY! He wanted the wife to accept that he was in love with her, and that she was to not send the maid back!


I CANNOT believe that that guy had the atrocity to have such a demand at all!

The stupid wife wanted to send the maid back, but the husband found the hidden passport and kept it, so she (said) she couldn't do anything. *roll eyes*

All she did was to cry.

The husband and the maid would disappear for hours on end, leaving the minimart and children under her care, and they would COME BACK WITH LOVE BITES ALL OVER.

As if it's not enough, the maid also didn't do her work, and would hit the kids and pull their hair! OMG. It's a one month old baby, and the wife let the slut maid take care of her kids! How stupid is she?

The maid would also throw things around when she is angry, and the HUSBAND DOESN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Can you imagine? Not only you have to live in the same damn house as the other cheap woman your husband is fucking, you have to pay her money, and also take in her tantrums!

Wah that maid is really horrible.

The cb husband would fondle and massage the maid publicly in the minimart, and there was once an auntie who was a regular customer came in, went to the cashier, and told the wife, "Wah, can like that, very good hor, do work for you, and can touch her somemore! Can like that ah?" in Hokkien.

The wife just kept quiet, and at night, she told the husband not to do such things in public (what, only in public cannot ah?!), because people will talk.

The husband shouted at her back again, so she called Momo to cry.


And oh yeah. When the husband and wife quarrels, the maid would stand at the side and SNIGGER.

Oh I tell you, if that maid is mine she would have been slapped around 10 thousand times already. In fact, I might bite off her nipple. Both of them. (Joke, get it?)

I was like, "Why doesn't she tell the agency that the maid has been doing this?" but Momo said that she was afraid the husband would have to go to jail for fucking the help. WHICH HE TOTALLY DESERVES I SAY!

Anyway, so this silly wife didn't do anything, until Momo, being a heroine, stepped in and, together with the wife's brother, had an ultimatum showdown with the husband.

Either he gives the passport to them, or they will report him to Ministry of Manpower and make him go to damn jail! (which is too good for unrepenting scum like that)

So he did (give the passport, not go to jail), and the maid was sent back today. In the airport she kept sms-ing the husband, and when the agency people told her to stop, she went to throw another fit and broke her sim-card in half.

OMG, I really need to box her so bad.

Today's juicy news just came in, and the man told Momo that he is gonna divorce his wife and use his mom's name to bring the maid back into Singapore again coz he really loves her and he wants to "pursue his dreams".

Momo told him that if your dreams hurt so many people please go and die or something like that.

Please lar, that naive man thinks the maid really loves him. He is like 50, fat, and poor, while the maid is like my age! Nobody but his stupid wife would slog from 6am till 12 midnight everyday for him. Asshole, hope he burns in hell!

4 kids! Poor darlings.

I don't even understand why she doesn't want to divorce him! I will never accept a man who cheated on me with the maid. Goodness knows what 3rd-world STD she has!

I'd ask Momo for the maid's name tomorrow. Maybe we should write a petition to ask MOM to not allow her back in our country. Bloody home wrecker.


Anyway, the point of the two stories is: I hate weak women!!!!


How DARE men bully us like that!!!!!!!

If any of my boyfriends ever cheats on me with the maid I will pretend to not mind and forgive him, and exactly one year later boil a pot of really hot oil.

I will then dress up in beautiful lingerie and persist in having kinky sex involving me tying him up.

He doesn't know, but I have sound-proofed the apartment.

I'd then ask him, "Darling, do you know what this is?" pointing to my left boob. He would say, "That's your breast baby..." smiling like a lecherous fool. I would then SLAP HIM and say, "THAT'S MY HEART, BROKEN!"

And he would start to panic because he is bound up and can feel the fury of a woman scorned.

"And Tauruses are very vengeful!"

He would reply, "But... I thought Scorpios are the vengeful ones?" and I would SLAP HIM again, asking him to shut up.

Having planned this for a year, my pot would whistle at this moment, telling me the oil is at it's hottest boiling point.

I would then gently inform him that that's where his penis is going, and chop it off in one swift action MUAHAHAHA!

I'd drop the penis in, turn off the fire, and take my LV luggage bag and fly off to Milan for the rest of my very happy life (having also stole all his money).

MUAHAHAHA! Think castration is a very good punishment indeed. For cheaters, molesters, and rapists. ALL CASTRATE!

And please lor STUPID WOMEN. If you want to get a maid, for goodness sake get a fucking ugly one.

p/s: Momo said her friend is 36, not 50.

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