Sunday, September 3, 2006


Don't scare me leh, so many of you wanna go extend hair too?! Cannot lar, I cannot let so many people go extend, very spoil market one leh! If everyone also have the same thing, then I pay $200 for what?!

(Had 100 strands put in, $2 each)

Anyway, here are the pictures as promised:

Is way longer than it looks coz it is already curled up... Wanna know where my real hair ends? Armpit length, yes.

One more shot, acting pretty again... Yawn.

I'm very amazed by these people lar! They managed to find hair the EXACT SAME SHADE AS MY OWN, and even added in blonde highlights for me just like my real hair!

Nice right? Super bombshell!

Anyway, the price is $2 for one strand, and they told me that the hair they used is REAL HUMAN HAIR. The thing is, it really does feel like real hair, but if it is real hair, how can it be so cheap?

The only possibility is...


Must be lar! Morbid right, immediately die then shave off her hair, maybe wash it (or not...!) and dye it and pack into plastic bag to sell.

I call my dead chick Alicia, so yeah, this Alicia really has good hair quality! It is soft and silky, but I don't really dare to go smell it.

Kelvin conveniently told me the story of Korean movie The Wig, where a girl gets possessed by the wig of a dead chick whenever she wears it. I'm not possessed yet, but if I ever do, I think it will be great material for this blog! MUAHAHA!

Also told Mike to be careful not to sniff the hair, "Alicia" might be a guy! Hehe...

Anyway, I have stopped blogging for Stomp (I quit myself, you fools, not that I was kicked off), and replacing me is Jaymee Ong.

I hope she is interesting.

Actually, I don't see why Stomp needs their female bloggers to be so good looking. FOR WHAT? Also never upload pictures, if do, also irrelevant to the topic - best is get one ugly but damn funny chick (yeah la, can feel the typical boring insults going "That's why they got you!" but try harder la, your insult barely registers), pretty or not doesn't really break or make a blogger.

See Mrbrown, very handsome meh? Now is slim lar, but when he was chubby also everyone likes him mah, coz he funny!

Speaking of funny, my last blog entry there got erased!! Muahaha... Apparently, there are lots of prudes who read Stomp, and they demanded that I teach their kids bad stuff and therefore my entry must be taken down.

Wooo, cry me a river Singaporeans, you think if your kids have free access to the internet they don't have other bad stuff they can see? *roll eyes*

Besides, all I said was that once you have hit the legal age and you think you have 1) taken all protection necessary and 2) think you can handle it, then go ahead and have MORE SEX! (vs waiting till they are 18 and above or married)

Everyone pretends like they think sex is not great, but if that is true, where they all come from, drop from cranes ah?

Really cannot stand it when people give such typical advice to younger people. Study hard lar, don't smoke lar, don't drink lar, don't have sex lar, don't go into a relationship too young lar...


If Bill Gates studied hard maybe he won't be what he is today. Was Edison not even allowed to go to school or something? That's why he sold newspapers and burned down a train? (I remember from Primary school Chinese textbook!)

*roll eyes*

Ewww. Man, serious serious people really make me cringe so bad. Hate prudes.

Don't have sex before 18! Yeah, at 17 you cannot handle it, and miraculously, one day later after your birthday you can. Wow!