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Not Dull

Updated: Erm, I felt that before you guys go on and on insulting the Xueling person, keep in mind that she is, OR so I heard, dunno if it's true, allegedly, Lee Hsien Yang's sister-in-law. So you might just have your Singtel bill increase 10-fold mysteriously. Anyone care to verify my little piece of info?

Wrinkly cute babies and clean eyes

My friend Joan gave birth to the sweetest little girl! It's so weird coz I've been seeing her with that big tummy for a long time, and suddenly it hits me that there is a life inside. Capable of growing into a full adult and actually giving birth herself. Gulp. I'm gonna steal the baby. Baby Claire with Mommy! Just born yesterday (as in yesterday of the day this photo was taken)! Her little hand is sooooo tiny! And warm and soft and... oh my womb is talking, ignore it. Evil plots of babies to make you give birth: The typical finger grab. Awwwww Had to grab her from Joan for a while! She finally opened her eyes... :D And what a cute turf of hair! Advertorial The haze has been going on for the past few days, yet all of us still have to go to work and face the dull toxic air, like it or not. Well not all, some of us. Ahem. People have been complaining about their various ailments, and the most common of all should be sore eyes. I feel more for contact lens

Took some neoprints!

Decoration artist: Me. I love the funny bunny and cat and don't know what the other one is! Decoration artist: Junne. The thing on her head supposed to be a crown. Decoration artist: Junne. There are 3 headless people. Can you spot them? Decoration artist: Me The yellow backdrop fell on my head as the photo was taken. Due to my talent in taking photos, I continued smiling nonplussed. Also notice how I managed to make this accident of a photo look nice. Decoration artist: Junne. She called me a lao siao! Decoration artist: Me I am pretty and Junne is a tyrant! Roarrr! Junne and I went to PS's neoprint place and paid $10 for these! We were really happy coz it seemed like there something wrong with the machine, and the time limit for decorating is.... infinity! So we stood there for like half an hour just adding the graphics on and on, was so fun :] As you can see, all the Junne decorations are messy and cluttered while mine are super artisitic and lovely. Nothing i

Bleedy haze

I woke up this morning, lolling around in bed all sweaty and uncomfortable, with an unreasonable hatred for Indonesia. I know not all Indonesians are muthafucking selfish cb tree-burners, but there is no where else I can direct my anger at, so fuck that stupid country for its stupid lax laws and culture of bribery. It's ridiculous that anybody, let alone a country, can be so self-centred and irresponsible, affecting the health, economy and aircon-usage of so many other people just for its own petty gains. Update me, have they signed the bloody anti-haze contract yet? I saw on the newspaper yesterday that some Indonesian minister or something was apologizing to Malaysia and Singapore for the damn haze, and all I wanted to do was to slap him. Sorry?! Sorry doesn't do any shit! Stop apologizing like a fool and go do something about it, ok? Indonesia should not be allowed to plant anything from now on. I don't care if we have to pay more more for rice or whatever it is the

Assorted rubbish

Dammit I keep having damn ingrown hairs! Why the hell do women need to have armpit hair ANYWAY ? It's utterly useless and I think we spend a grand total of maybe 1 year of our lives just trying to get rid of it. Woe betide those women who pluck! I think they spend like 2 years lor. Thank god for epilators and no thanks to damn puberty. I think God chooses not to be contactable coz he knows that everyone will keep hounding him about his fundamental designing flaws. Appendixes, for example. At least for armpit hair China men and feminists appreciate it, but appendixes are utterly useless. If I had one less appendix, I think my tummy might get flatter. Cancer too. Nobody likes cancer and I don't know why He needs to put cancer in this world. Anyway, I feel like ranting on and on today, so the topic of the day is " Being Female ". I was in the shower just now, and as I looked at the can of Veet standing there, marketed to be appealing to the female aesthetic sense,