Thursday, November 30, 2006

About to reach home in 6 hours

Writing this in the bloody LAX airport while I wait 5 hours without internet connection for my next flight to Taipei, which is a leg-cramping 13.30hrs!!!!!!!!!

The things people do for love!

Bloody hell.

A chain series of events just happened to piss me off. First, I dropped my carry-on luggage onto my foot. It hurts.

After that, I had to pay USD$3 for a trolley. A BAGGAGE TROLLEY! It's all free in Singapore! Bloody capitalists.

My fucking 46 kg hugeass luggage then arrived (ain't it amazing? It is actually heavier than me), and in an understandable anxiousness to try to get it (after the fucker got lost the previous time. Though that might not be its fault), I blindly asked the man next to me to help me heave it out of the carousel -

Without noticing he is about 100 years old.

He, out of kindness, obliged, and almost died trying. He was pulled several metres along with the fucking samsonite, while I looked on wide-eyed and horrified.

He was thoroughly embarrassed and apologized profusely, while a stout Mexican daddy helped me with it. I feel so bad!

After that, some irresponsible cleaners decided that engineers work hard to design a wide airport toilet entrance clearly the size of $3 trolleys for their sake, and parked their STUPID cleaning trolley right smack where I would have to bump into it.

My carry-on delightedly fell on my foot again. It hurts.

I was so pissed I pissed and didn't wash my hands. I thought about going in again to wash them, I really did, but there the cleaning trolley was, menacingly blocking my way. Yes, so now, I am typing with filthy hands. I think I might develop a trauma of sorts.

Perhaps just to lure me into a false sense of security, something good finally happened. I found a plug outlet for the laptop!

About 10 wireless connections here, but none are free.

But ah! I thought to myself. I have some Lost DVDS I can watch for hours!!!!!! Hooray!

And tadah! I brought the external CD drive but not the wire to connect it to the laptop!


Very unhappy with a hurt foot.

Also bored.

I attempted to photoshop the photos that we took (which are minimal to say the least. You try to get Mike to try photos! That boy really doesn't know how to pose at all! If he were born a Japanese chick he would be ostrasized by all his Japanese chick neoprint-taking friends), but it just made me cry so I am not going to try again until I get back to Singapore and have more stuff to distract me.



In Taipei Airport now with internet! Bless the Taiwanese!

Reaching home in a bit, see u guys. =)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

57 Degrees Fahrenheit

Is 12 degree celcius!!! Today is not too bad, the day before was freezing subzero lor...

In Texas right now and blogging while Mike is showering.

The journey here was one of the worst 30 hours ever.

I flew from Singapore to Taipei (5 hours), Taipei to LA (10.5 hours), and LA to Vegas (1.5 hours) and Vegas to Dallas (2.5 hours), and from Dallas to this small town (1.5 hours) Mike is studying in - with like 3 hours of waiting in between each flight.

To add to that, I was sick AGAIN!

Remember those Ferrari party photos?! Well that night was pretty cold for Singapore standards, and all I wore was Shuyin's satin halter-neck dress and serves me right to get flu the next day. -_-

So anyway, one of my biggest phobias ever is to not get my luggage, and it happened!!!!!!!!

I was standing at the baggage retrival area waiting, and everyone was just taking theirs off, and it's such a small airport, can't be long till my luggage comes now... and the bloody machine stopped!!

And American Airlines lost my luggage for a whole 2 days before it was found!!!!!

Super pissed off.

When it was delivered here, one milo sachet was burst open (Eekean: "Never underestimate the power of hot milo in winter") and everything was in brown dust.


But other than that, my holiday's not too bad... I wore some covered-toe shoes with socks the first day, and I was still freezing my ass off, so Mike whizzed me to Walmart, where I bought some fur-lined ugly ugg-like boots for $19!

Bloody angmohs chicks here are wearing short skirts!!! ARE THEY NOT HUMAN OR SOMETHING??

Mike brought me to Red Lobster just now, some seafood place. They served crab, but apparently in America they only serve the LEGS!

How weird is that?

Back in Singapore, I throw the legs away!

What do they do to the yummy body and claw meat? That would be the one question I will ask God when I die.

Ok, blog again when I have more pictures or something.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Super a lot of photos before I go...

BAH! It is now 1.28am! My flight tomorrow is at 255pm, and I have decided not to sleep till then and jio-ed Kelvin they all to play overnight MJ with me! (So that I will be tired and sleep on the plane, dum dum.)

However, at this point in time I have not finished blogging (obviously) and I still need to pack! Wah lan eh.

Kelvin will kill me, so here are the photos, hurriedly captioned.

Zouk Mambo Night

See, Kelvin is really red with anger.

With new-found friend Qing


Kel and Ann

Qing + me

Tim is so act cute lor!

Hair extensions horror

I woke up one day and decided I shall take off my hair extensions myself, because I cannot trust the hair extension people to not tug off all my hair for me and still pay them $30.

So I took a pair of pilers, and begun.

It wasn't very easy. The extensions are looped into this metal round ring, and a strand of your original hair will also be looped in.

Then the metal ring is fastened by using a pair of pilers to KIAP it damn flat.

To take it out, you have to kiap it the reverse way, so that the metal ring now becomes a diamond shape, get it?

I started on the horrific task, which took me a grand total of 2.5 hours. Qihua told me she did the same thing as me, and took 4 hours lor.

Anyway, be scared:

This is the amount of REAL HAIR that I drop when I take each strand of extension out. It means thatI almost lost half of the original bunch of hair that is fastened with the extensions... :(

And it is tangled SOOOOOO bad.

Check out the tangles... It's fucking freaky.

1/3 done, 2/3 to go.

Amazingly enough, after two months of washing and dyeing the extensions are still in a totally mint condition!



This is the amount of hair I dropped. Real hair.

Granted, most of them are hairs that fell during the 2 months, but why does my hair feel so thin now??!

Such nice hair, if only they really grew from my head.

How can anyone put that amount of hair onto their head and yet feel it's a normal amount? It's so weird...

Anyway, I would say I lost a grand total of maybe 20-25% of my hair. It's damn thin now, and I didn't even fucking cut the extensions part or anything!

So if you don't have enough hair to lose in the first place, best not go put it.

Eyelash extensions are good though!

If you take care of them, it won't cause your eyelashes to fall... I went to do coz I am going to meet Mike already! Hehehe...

I did it at Carragheen at $60! 68849924, if you want to get it too. It's called the Princess wild lashes or something. Look for Cherlyn!


With makeup. :D


Went with Wanyi to support Weili and his team... =D

It was raining can... so stupid!

Smack you with the paddle

Act shuai!!!


Weili is freaked out by the crowd...

See? Sooooo many people!

After that we met Shuyin... She took a long time to come lor, and when she came she had a gift for me!!!!!

Apparently, a few weeks ago, I wanted to buy a pink satin nightie in La Senza, and didn't in the end coz it didn't fit. I intended to, ahem, wear the nightie as a dress. Muahaha! Slut.

So, Wanyi took like 2 years to choose her bra, and I started measuring everyone's here and there (inclusive of how long people's noses are). Was just playing around, but the Teo lala went to remember my measurements!

AND AMAZINGLY ENOUGH SHE MADE A DRESS FOR ME!!! With a sewing machine!!!!!


Woohoo!!!!! Very gan dong, want to cry!

Weili also likes it...

A Versace in our midst, and we didn't even notice.

So, in order to bao da Shuyin, I wore it within the next 2 hours. To....

Ferrari Party @ St James!

My ultimate dream is to hop from one ferrari to another, but I did not do that that night coz I didn't want to split Shuyin's dress.

I had to wear a halter neck inside though - the neh neh part is WAYYYYYYY too low! Apparently, inside Shuyin's mind I am that slutty. Muahahaha! She said she will alter for me again... *xin fu smile*

With my Rozzie

Girls Out Loud!

Surprise surprise! This is the director whose appendix ruptured. Gillian is so young and so talented ok! And pretty somemore. I almost cannot take it already.

With Joey, Rozz's boyfriend

Electrico's Amanda Ling and her bf!

He looks like Fiona Xie in the second photo, I swear. Nobody else I asked agrees.

The back of Shuyin's dress. Chio!

I also want to put one Ferrari at the back of my name.
Wendy Cheng Ferrari.

Joey and Ian Loon

Someone force-fed me like 1/3 of a shot, and I turned this red.

The horse appears to be female.

Were in the Bellini room

My dress, one and only in the world tailor-fitted!

Girls Out Loud in After Hours

Guess whose ass?

Max Loong!

Rozz is cameo-ing in After Hours, this new drama featuring Max, Utt, Joanne Peh and Linda Liao...

Boys put make up too

Rozz as a dream therapist. :D


Halloween party at Zouk!

With Shuyin and Wanyi....
Shuyin is an insect-infested gothic looking thing while Wanyi is supposed to be a student.

Me, I just wore this dress I bought as last year's Halloween scraps at $10.
It's disgustingly pointless.

When people ask me what I came as I said I came as Xiaxue.

They not scared towel drop meh?!

"What are you?" "I am a char siew bao."

Ju-on and common English lady ghost.

This Geisha needs an arm wax

Lego man

My fave!

This lady was dressed as a clam and she opened and closed her shells. LOL

$50 City Plaza boots

Shuyin! Look out!

Must be super hot in there!

Oh god the chest hair. SY likes it.

Jason freaked Shuyin out!
He took out his mask and inside was like Freddy's face! Totally unexpected haha

Your boyfriend

Wanyi kept making that face the whole night

Now this guy is truely the freakiest of the night.
Your boyfriend.

I just need some horns and maybe 20 cm to fit into their group.

Your boyfriend

Wanyi's and Shuyin's legs


I can see the girl's face and it's freaking me out!

Hehe... Your boyfriend

I changed my mind about the clam. This is my fave!

Put 3 of them together! PONG! Then one more! Kong!!!!!!!

Your boyfriends

Wanyi is so shocked, she forgot to appear ghostly.

My bodyguards.

Chinese ghosts!

I thought you boys might like this

Hermione? Is that you?!

Swat team vs Hongkong police force!

Hehe kena aimed

Kelvin, Vyasa, and Vyasa' friend!

Stupid Kelvin keep that expression the whole night also. It's damn ugly.

Ann looks good in the devil outfit!

Martin is smoking at the ears.
That's right, his ears is where a normal mouth is.

With a pretty Wonder Woman.

Stop fighting you naughty jedis!

I keep looking at that nose. Fake?

Ok! That's it for Halloween photos!

I am sorry I am so late, I might as well have left it till next year to post. Hope it is still slightly interesting lar hor.