Busy busy!

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been quite busy, and today, we had filming at 730am at CENTURY SQUARE! Siao one.

I'm flying on the 13th, so I will surely blog about all my pictures before I leave, promise! Like 3,000 of them.

Before I go I have to go wax all my undesirable hairs, etc etc.

Eh, a small video we took during Girls Out Loud's shoot:

It's filmed by Rozz so pardon the bad camerawork, the show obviously looks way more professional, haha

Actually, it appears that some footage of the show has leaked out to youtube, so you can go see it here if you want to. Bah, I know I can't pole dance.

MIKEEEEEEEEEEEE BABYYYYY!!!!!! I will try to improve for you, I will!

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