3 days till Girls Out Loud!

My tv show is starting on this Monday (4th), 10pm, on Channel 5!!!

First episode is Fame, so to tempt you to watch it, here are some production stills taken by our very pregnant (now give birth already) producer Joan Leong.

Rozz and I at Geoff Ang's studio, waiting to get our pictures taken by Geoff the Famous Photographer himself!!

You know how much his photography costs? Like $15,000 a day can!

Check out his profile here, got Rebecca Tan's (I don't like her much) nipples. Ha! Didn't expect them to be so ... brown.

Of course there's also Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Maggie Q etc etc people, very nice photos!

Me getting hair curled

I had the horrible job of pouring cold milk on Rozz in an aircon room!

I felt so bad about it, until Rozz took my prop out of a plastic bag.... a freaking smelly DEAD SQUID.

I was told that a squid was gonna be used, but I really thought it was this kind...

Like red and curly sort, you know...


It is sooooooo cold and dead and super smelly!!!!!!

I couldn't stop strieking, and Rozz had to arrange the tentacles still Geoff was pleased, and she tried to put the slimy bastard's head on my head, and mind you the head is damn ugly, then Geoff said, "Yeah let's not show the head, I'm not very big on it..."

A tentacle brushed against my lip! Eww gross!

To see how the photos turned out you have to watch the show!

As a start to the show Rozz and I sat on the super expensive Maybach. I'll update how much it costs when I get a chance to ask Gillian or Rozz... (That's 1.5 mil)

Pronounced as "my-bark"

It's super nice! Limos aren't allowed in Singapore (right? That's what I heard), so I guess this is the closest u can get to a limo.

There's two separate tv screens at the back, and the two back seats come with adjustable velvet leg rests and remote controls and headsets and a lot of things lar!

The only thing I don't like about it is that it is blue. If it is in pink, it will be perfect as my "Maybach Princess Transport".

While Rozz went off to be a dream therapist in After Hours (see previous blog entries), I tried out singing!

Well, I sucked at it pretty much, so please don't watch the show with food in your mouth.

We also had lessons with Kumar, who taught us how to be fabulous...

He kept making jokes about my height, which I thought wasn't very polite since I only knew him for like 5 mins. =( But well, everyone else said he is a really nice guy off-screen. Shrugs.

Mike was there with us during filming (he was here to visit me), and he whispered to me, "Baby, aren't those lady's shoes?" Hahaha... He needs to be introduced to the Singapore entertainment industry.

And Rozz's expressions are always so funny.

We attend a Fornarina party!

Can see Ericia Lee blurred in the background...

Forced to be the hosts of the night, and I was seriously freaked out.

So yeah remember to tune in ah!


You know I love you all...

p/s: It fucking snowed like a half metre worth of snow TWO DAYS AFTER I CAME BACK! I saw none of it! And my nickname is Xiaxue and I never saw snow before! WTF! What's wrong with America???! It hates me. Singapore hates me too, once my plane touched down there was a heavy roll of thunder and lightning struck really close.

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