Alright already, I am blogging!

Sorry for the lag! I've been quite busy lately, and I need some time to edit all my photos, then I will post them up.

Did one bigass one though, hehe...

Can someone please update my wikipedia page for me? (I have no idea how to do it, looks damn tough)

It's obviously written a long long time ago by some morally presumptous fucker who hates me.

And also can't be bothered to upload a chio photo of me despite me splattering them all over the place.

Racist and xenophobic! If I am racist and xenophobic how come my boyfriend is not Singaporean or Chinese you tell me! Such rubbish, am obviously not famous for being bloody racist.

You kind wikipedian who decided to do this task can involve "first blogger in Singapore to get involved with TV" or something like that MUAHAHAHAHA GIRLS OUT LOUD!

Go watch tonight, in case by 10pm I have yet blogged to urge you again.

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