Girls Out Loud



10 PM! Channel 5!!


Postnote, Tues 12.43am:

About the height jokes. Firstly, I wasn't really offended, I just thought it wasn't very polite, not for someone I am not on close terms with. My friends make height jokes all the time, and I am fine with that.

Secondly, just because I TEASE MYSELF don't mean I can't take offence at people teasing me. If some fat friend of yours says that she is fat, does it mean you can also call her fat the rest of the day?

You can say your mom's being a bitch, but is it ok for someone you are not even close with to call your mom a bitch too?

If you don't get it, just don't write your nitwit opinion, coz you are stupid. Maybe you should consider not tainting the internet with your worthlessness anymore. Maybe suicide? Just an option. *shrugs*

I don't really care about my being short, I've been like shortest in class since Sec 1, and have long been accustomed to it. So yeah, I really don't see the point of you guys all telling me I am short, because I know it already! And you should know about it too, I blogged about that so many times! Where were you, in Cuba?!

Otherwise, how's the show? Fabulous? I KNOW! Tell me what you think!!!

p/s: Please do not give stupid advice, ie "dun show your teeth so much!!!111" because the show have long been filmed and nothing can be changed now.

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